Friday, February 26, 2016

The Innkeeper's Daughter Cover Reveal

Coming March 22nd!

When Sterling Chandler met his wife a few years back, his happiness felt complete – until a mistake came between them and turned their steamy love into a frozen sea of agony. On the brink of divorce, the two decide to take a brief vacation – away from each other. It is a time to evaluate their marriage, and decide if there is anything left to salvage.
Distraught and lonely, Sterling chooses to spend the next five days in a small ski resort town in Colorado, hoping that the cold mountain air, friendly people and daunting slops will help clear his head. Unfortunately, his head quickly gets muddled when Hanna, the Inn Keeper’s stunning daughter, is asked to be his ski instructor. It’s a temptation he didn’t realize he would face and one he really doesn’t need right now… one that is made worse by Hanna’s obvious curiosity and interest.
The next five days will test Sterling in ways he can’t imagine – and make him question everything he thinks he ‘knows’ about his life, and heart. 

I poured a glass of Samaroli rum and grabbed my dossier. I hadn't glanced at it since my arrival. I decided to relax on the deck and kick back on the lounge chair. As I faced the snow-coated mountains, I could not help but take in the magnificence. The scene was majestic, the sky was a midnight black with stars sprinkled about. The fragrance might've been labeled fresh-new country, if at all possible.

The deck was heated but the cool breeze that floated in mingled well, balancing the temperature. Admiring the view, I had to wonder why anyone would ever want to leave this place.
The Caribbean rum had started to take toll on me. I rested my head back and became a fixture in my environment.

There was a knock on the door. My stomach dropped; I knew exactly who it was. I didn’t yell for her to come in; she would anyway. I swiveled my chair around to watch her sashaying in through the moonlit suite.

She wore a simple, black one piece. It fit her impeccably. She didn't wear a bra to support her perky B-cup breasts as they barely bounced with each step. I imagined a thong underneath, barely covering her sacred area. She adorned red, five-inch stilettos with silver tips. Her hair was in a flirty, flyaway bun, looking every bit the runway model. She was stunning.

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