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Struggles of The Women Folk by T.M. Brown


Let me start with a little setup of the book: The story takes place in the south during the 1940's. It  follows the many life challenges of a black girl named Georgie who endures a lot of hardship.

From the first line of the book, I knew it was going to be an interesting read. The characters were well written so that I felt their doubts, fears and hardships along the way. T.M. Brown  has written an amazing book that captured the heart and soul of the deep south in America. She delved into the past allowing the reader to travel back in time with the story line by giving thorough depictions along the way. I could picture what she was trying to describe and that is important for the reader when dealing with a different period in time.

There were moments I laughed, moments I cried and moments I even wanted to walk away but I never could, of course. I found it too easily entertaining and so entertaining I finished the book in one sitting. I had to read more.

There were periods in the book that I was not too happy with Georgie and the decisions she made regarding her life. I felt she did not always think things through and could have saved herself some heartache and pain by doing so. In saying that it does not reflect the writings of T.M. Brown as she carried through keeping the same mindset of the character. What I loved most about the book was that Georgie would find strength to make it through the hard times regardless of what others may have thought.

I highly recommend this book!

Book Description:

This is Georgie's story. A young black girl coming of age in the 1940s American South. You'll follow her journey and experience her challenges as she grows up in a world of poverty, prejudice and discrimination. Most readers find the story gripping and very emotional, following Georgie every step of her way, through loss, triumph and hardship.

You can reach T. M. Brown at

T. M. Brown was born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland but now lives in Stroudsburg, PA. She has a BA in Psychology and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering. She may be a Human Factors Engineer during the day but by night, she lets her creative side come out as an author.  

Other books T. M. Brown has written:  A Life Not My Own
and A collaboration with other seasoned independent authors:   
Just Between Us-Inspiring Stories by Women

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Thursday, December 26, 2013


Motivation, where does motivation come from when writing? What motivates me?

     My head is always filled with so many story ideas I felt compelled to write them down. Throughout the years I have read so many books, that I have loved, but always knew I had stories to tell. Once you get over the idea that you are not good enough to write, which was the case for me, and the panic of what people will think of my book once it is done, the ideas start to flow when I actually sit down to write.

      I never really thought that writing was in the cards for me because I had a plan of practicality but my creative side always poked through. I have always been told that I was different, not in a bad way, but just different. I Never really knew how to take that but now I see that is a good thing. Being different has allowed me to write my first Science Fiction book.

     People always ask what was my plan when sitting down to write a book. Writing a book is not an easy task since it involves a lot of work. Just to list a few - character development, an interesting story line that follows through and allowing yourself to be true to yourself when writing. 

     There are key points I must have in my book when first sitting down to write its just a matter of getting there and tying it all together to where is makes since PLUS hold the readers interest.

     For me, I knew my book had to involve fiction because that is what I love and my main character was going to be female because I can relate to her. I feel you have to be able to relate, in some way, to the characters you write. 

     When you sit down to write, it should feel natural and not bound by too many restrictions or rules. You have to be flexible or you may never reach your full potential when it comes to being creative. Too many restrictions can cause anxiety which can block the flow of creativity.

     I'm now working on book 2 of the Connor series and short story  but some days I don't feel motivated until I sit down to write. If I don't care for what I originally wrote I tweak it but that is all right. We all have to reword, re-tweak or revamp our story to make it perfect, right? I do it so many times until I have to make myself stop and let go or it will never get published, 

     Bottom line, once the panic of people judging my creativity my creativity flows, I set my book goals, I have to relate to what I'm writing and or the characters, good or bad, but mostly allow myself freedom to explore all possibilities. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jumping Ship by Janice G. Ross

Let me first say that I liked this book. Janice G Ross did a superb job on conveying one of the most universal themes of 'love and sacrifice'.

One of the main characters, Petrina, deals with emotional and physical abuse from her husband, Roger, whom she has been married to for seven years. Being an arranged marriage, she never knew what love was until she met Michael and they both knew it was true the first time they touched.

One day Michael and Petrina set off leaving her home and family behind hoping her husband was not aware of their plans. Pregnant and scared, they seek a new life together but somewhere along their travels they disappear soon after Sakkara is born.

Edward and Pearl Riley adopted and cared for Sakkara for she was a blessing in their eyes. Even though she was well cared for by Edward and Pearl Riley, Sakkara was determined to find out what happened to her biological parents.

Janice G Ross does an amazing job with a compelling story line in providing such a descriptive insight as to what the characters are feeling, I the reader, could empathize.  I especially empathized with Petrina, which at times that was troubling for me since she was a married woman having an affair, but for the first time in her life, Petrina finally did something for herself.

I highly recommend this book for a good story read.
4.5 Stars

Jumping Ship excerpt…
Sakkara couldn’t let fear control her life. Too often, she would look at herself in the mirror, imaging what features she’d inherited from her mother. She wondered if her tan complexion was a key to anything. She tried to imagine what her real parents looked like as the plane set for take off. And wondered if her blue-gray eyes were a combination of theirs. She’d reach up and caress the thin bridge of her nose, imaging the same on her mother or father. Even allow her middle finger to trace over the outline of her mouth.
Where did it all come from? She constantly wondered.
Thoughts of abandonment and emptiness flooded her mind. By the time the plane reached full altitude, Sakkara was in tears. She’d gone from imagining the greatness of her parents to despising them. For the first time in her life she wondered if they really had let her go. Wondered if they didn’t want to be found. Who does that to a baby?
Who leaves a baby in a pile of trash?
Who abandons a child in a disgusting alleyway?
Who walks away from a crying infant?

As anxiety filled her insides and escaped through her pores, she took deep gushes of metallic breezes from the vents and willed peace to control her mind. I need to know the truth; she stated aloud, and wiped away unruly tears. Facing bright clouds and skies, Sakkara got lost in the emptiness. A peaceful sleep claimed her mind, and she drew closer to truth.

Author Bio
Janice was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she’s traveled in her mind and dream.

Janice is also a devout supporter and promoter of other authors through social media. She hosts a weekly show,Cultural Cocktails, on the largest social radio network, Blog Talk Radio.

You can reach Janice G. Ross at

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Brightest By Josephine Litonjua

A Recommended Read. 

BRIGHTEST an entertaining children's book that even adults can't put down.

A story about a lost firefly catcher, trying to find his way home; and a broken firefly that had long lost himself. And how friendship and being there for each other had made a difference in their lives.

Read all about Josephine:
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

New to Blogging.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Everywhere I see people are blogging here and there like professionals. Well I'm not a blogger. I'm new to the media industry as I recently published my first young adult urban fantasy novel in October of 2013 named  Connor. I probably will make all the mistakes one is not supposed to write in a post and even invent some.

Today is day one of my new blog which I'm actually excited about which is strange for such an introverted person. I never knew how much a person had to put of themselves out there after writing a book. There is marketing, mingling and more marketing and mingling. 

I can sit in my writing nook all day and be completely satisfied as I am a hermit by nature but what is the point of writing a book for the public if no one reads it. Therefore I have no other choice but to put myself out on limb and come out of my shell. 

Wish me luck. 

An Alpha's Captive - A Shifter, Paranormal Romance

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