Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Keepers (Connor Chronicles Book 1) is FREE until Oct 16th!


After young Connor is gifted with superhuman abilities, her life changes. When she learns of others like her, Connor sets on a path to discover her true origin.

Soon, she understands that her whole life has been a lie. The dreaded Inhumans, who have been here for longer than anyone can remember, are coming for her. And among them, a powerful adversary only known as Ronin.

In a world of powerful villains and fragile friendships, are Connor's powers a gift or a curse?

★★★★★ - "Witty and engaging."
★★★★★ - "An excellent young adult paranormal novel."
★★★★★ - "Looking forward to the sequel."

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Battle (Book 3) - FREE for a limited time!

Connor has trained and shed blood to protect Earth.
Her enemies want war.
The only descendant of the powerful ruler of Ether, her blood is key to his survival. Against wise council, she joins forces with her former adversary, Ronin. And as the danger intensifies, so does their bond.
For Ronin, the only way to survive is to kill. Planning to overthrow his father with Connor's help, he brings her to the very definition of Hell: his world. Despite his unyielding, merciless ways, Connor has started to thaw his frozen heart.
But how far is she willing to go to survive?

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Now Available!! Born Of Sin (Book 2) - To celebrate, Born Of Sin (Book 1) is FREE for a Limited Time!

Love is a curse.

Victor Logan Marchette has roamed the Earth for over 600 years as a vampire. Faithful to Cabalistis, the vampires’ governing body, Victor’s lifelong allegiance has put him beyond reproach.

Until the day that he meets Octavia Vail.

No mere woman, Octavia was born from a centuries-old curse – one so dangerous that even the powerful Vampire clan dreads its dark birth. When Victor and Octavia’s passion ignites, the curse only grows stronger and beyond Octavia’s control. And when Ciprian, the oldest vampire on Earth, discovers Octavia’s secret, he’ll stop at nothing to destroy her... and Victor.

Branded a traitor, Victor must escape America with Octavia so he can save her. But it comes with a price. Because keeping Octavia safe means reviving Victor’s dark past – the one that gave him the long-forgotten title of Barbarian.

Born of Sin is a thrilling Paranormal Romance that redefines love. Because when Victor and Octavia forge their unlikely relationship, the greatest heights of love can easily fall… into the darkest depths of madness.

*Book was once titled Blood Thirst

Born of Sin (Book 1) - Free

The future can’t hold back the past.

Octavia Vail was unaware of her life before being found on a barren Connecticut road as a young child. The locals were shocked that she only spoke Latin and at the dead greenery and livestock around her. Her only possession, a mysterious ring, may have something to do with it. And when the ring’s crest matches a picture of a man who lived centuries ago, Octavia knows she must find out more about him. 

Victor Logan Marchette, a vampire who’s lived for over 600 years, is the CEO of a Philadelphia hospital that deals with blood diseases. The first 200 years of his life are a mystery to him, but he’ll soon find out the horrifying reason why. Meanwhile, Octavia begins work as a nurse in the same hospital, and the sparks with Victor begin to fly.

But Victor is betrothed to another, a vampire from a wild clan, under the orders of the vampires’ governing body, Cabalistis. And when vampires in both clans discover Octavia’s presence – and the hidden danger she represents -- it’s all-out war.

Born of Sin is the first in a thrilling paranormal romance series. In a world of darkness and strife, the light of love is all that stands against it. And even for the most hardened vampires, that light… is the true meaning of eternity.

*A re-release of Blood Thirst, An Eternal Romance, and a sneak peek of Book 2.

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Halloween Book Fair

Welcome to the annual Halloween Book Fair. 
Find your next adventure here!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Blood and Silver: A Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Limited Edition Anthology is Live!!!

Good versus evil. Dark versus light. Your next paranormal adventure begins tonight...20 fantastic paranormal and fantasy stories - Blood and Silver: A Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Limited Edition Anthology. 

Look out for my book:

A Goddess in Time by Deanna Richmond - Antonia must travel across time and realm to fight an ancient sorceress but, in winning the battle, will she lose to her dark side… Read this and 19 more riveting paranormal and fantasy stories - Blood and Silver: A Paranormal and Fantasy Romance Limited Edition Anthology  

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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Revealed (Connor Chronicles Book 2) Free for a Limited Time!

In the aftermath of betrayal, the San cannot rest in their quest to defend Earth. Connor’s loyalties are questioned, and her actions put to the test. Forced to make harsh decisions, the world around her begins to crumble. Still, they must prepare for what's coming... War.

Forced to live on the foreign planet known for its unyielding cruelty, Willow must confront her own treacherous actions. Condemned to continuous battle in order to survive, she must overcome her weaknesses and accept the inevitable: fight or die.

Meanwhile, Ronin, their malevolent adversary, is on a mission to bring down the San. He loathes Connor,but also can't bring himself to harm her. Neither Connor nor Ronin are willing to accept their destinies, yet compelled by their fates. Will enemies become allies or battle to the death?


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Love & Tragedy-Free for a limited time

A forbidden love.
A tragic death.
Broken souls.

Caleb Michaels & Madison Shay have loved each other for a lifetime, though her older brother has made countless threats to Caleb’s life for even touching her.

Ultimately, the pair never chooses to jump in head first until tragedy strikes, when they are thrown into a whirlwind of drama. Madison is headstrong and out to avenge her favorite cousin, no matter the consequence. 

Caleb has been living a double life but with Madison in the mix, all bets are off the table. Now, he must protect the only woman he's ever loved, especially when ties to an underground life runs deep.
There’s no limit to their love, even in the face of danger.

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The Keepers (Connor Chronicles Book 1) is FREE until Oct 16th!

FREE After young Connor is gifted with superhuman abilities, her life changes. When she learns of others like her, Connor sets on ...