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Madame Lilly, Wicked (Vol 4) coming August 29th!

It's 1890 in New Orleans, a time of rich white men, sprawling plantations, Voodoo, high class parties and the unspoken Placage. Amidst the thick heat, magic and sorrow, a beautiful Creole woman exists in this cruel world. Although born free, she never knew life without the call of a ‘Master’ – until now.
Blessed with an ancient power, Madame Lily has an agenda that has galvanized her into the deepest reaches of High Society and to the darkness that is swirling with Voodoo.
Elijah is a First Made Protector tasked to guard and cleanse the world of the evils that roam. He spent millennia with only goodness in his heart until cursed – one meant to corrupt his very soul with love, obsession and infatuation… for Madame Lily, a woman that should rightfully be his adversary.
Drawn together by fate and magic, these two forces face off and sparks fly. A love that never should have been is born – a love that may change everything for both of them.

    “Sit,” Lilly ordered the men. No one moved, not one single soul. Lilly placed her palms at the head of the table and leaned over. “I said sit.”
    All chairs simultaneously moved inward, hitting the back of their legs and forcing them to sit. The men fell back, astounded, but silence fell upon the room except for one.
     “I know who you are. I knew your pa, Moreau St. Croix. I was a little younger than he but I remember him well. He was a savvy politician but you are not him,” said Mayor Arcave. His tone was belittling as he focused in on Lilly. He sat at the other end of the table and directly across from her. “I know what you’ve done to some good Christian folks, including Julien’s family. You think by pulling a few parlor tricks that we’re supposed to be afraid of you? I don’t think so, girl.” He stood up again, this time facing Julien. “Because you’re so afraid of a little backwater witch, it gives you just cause to bring her here for us to contend with?”
     “You’re mighty smug, Mayor.” He pointed to the man at his right. “Just because you have the chief here in your pocket does not give you protection from what else is out there. Things you know nothing about.” He stepped in close. “Special things like her.”
     “You’re a fool, Julien,” Mayor Arcave retorted, not taking Julien seriously. “What, she spread her legs and you lost your mind? No woman, not even a skilled colored whore, is good enough for a man to lose his wits. What game are you playing, Julien?”
     Ever since Lily had raised the dead she had started to enjoy the disruption amongst people. Sick as it was, it made her feel powerful. She saw it with fresh eyes. At one time she believed men who argued were men who were in such control they wanted to keep it. As much as part of that was true, she now saw that they argued because they were losing control, and in this case fear made that happen.
      As much as she relished a battle of the minds she also grew bored easily. Lilly slammed her fists on the table. “I said sit.”
     She held up two fingers then lowered them, taking the mayor down with her. He grabbed the arms of the chair to prevent himself from toppling over. The men gasped.
     “That’s right, gentlemen, this little backwater gal came here to talk. Not listen to old, plump men prove their manhood. You can do that with your whores tonight.”
     “Now see here . . .”
     “Shut up,” Lilly commanded. The mouth of the man who spoke was instantly sewed shut. Bits of blood oozed from the corners of his stitched lips. The men closest to her backed away.


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Madame Lilly, an Historical Fiction Horror - Excerpt


Chapter 1 

Madame Lilly, true birth name Odara, had claimed the two live bodies she needed to complete the sacrificial ritual. Beads of sweat dripped down her back as she moved in the summer’s heat, causing her white dress to cling to her since she was without a corset. Tonight she needed to move freely.

     The New Orleans heat was always hot and muggy but it was even worse when dancing next to a pit of fire: the only light there was deep in the woods that night. She allowed her body to be swayed by the beat of the drums that her followers pounded; taking hold of her, opening herself up to the unknown place between the spiritual and the physical worlds.

     She performed the sacrament where no one would be able to see or hear them; not that anyone came around these parts to visit, or even dared enter her land. In the past six months, Lilly had become notorious as a voodoo priestess and even if you didn’t know her personally, you knew of her. She was powerful, even more powerful than she was aware.
     The woman sacrifice, Dalila, had been crying ever since she had woken up with her legs and arms sprawled, bound by vines tied to four trees. Now kneeling next to her, Lilly jabbed the knife callously into the woman’s side and realized they had similar features. This woman could easily be her sister, right down to the eyes, which were a rare color.

     She watched the tears fall from Dalila’s eyes as she slowly slid the knife up her side. One of Lilly’s followers held Dalila still as she continued to slice. Even though she couldn’t free herself, Lilly didn’t want to kill her; she still needed her alive for the possession. Watching the gush of blood flow down her victim’s side, Lilly captured most of it in the blessed bowl: The bowl she would drink from later.

     Then she did the same to the other sacrifice, Bron, the silly boy she’d been able to lure away with the promise of getting Dalila out of the house for him.

     Lilly stood back up, chanting, not caring as the sacrifices yanked at their restraints, struggling under the vines’ grasp. Having braided the vines herself, she knew they could take the constant onslaught. In actuality Lilly liked the fact that they still had fight in them. Something about that made it even better.

     That was her condemned soul talking, the soul she had lost a long time ago. What some folks called a better way of living, she called hell. She’d never wanted it, any of it. She’d never asked to be any man’s property nor to do what that man in that big house made her do. Over the years she too had learned to enjoy seeing others suffer, especially the man who had made her what she had become. Damned.

In the late 1800’s Odara, a Creole girl in New Orleans, grew up wealthy and having the best of everything. She was taught the ways of plaçage: to be a wealthy man’s common-law wife. She didn’t want to follow the ways of plaçage as her mother had, until she met the man of her dreams, Henry Nicolas. He was handsome, charming and rich; perfect in every way until their first night of marriage when she saw his true malevolent side.
For twelve long years Odara endured abuse in the worst ways possible, taking her from a naive child to a scorned woman. A woman fueled with such revulsion towards Henry she would give anything for vengeance.
Through voodoo, Madame Lilly was born, but with it came consequences beyond even her comprehension.

The Saga So Far

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Circus of Horrors 99 CENTS JULY 28 - AUG 3!

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JULY 28 - AUG. 3

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The need for Beta-Readers

As of late publishing companies are starting to see the value in having a beta-reader. Once upon a time aspiring authors submitted their manuscripts to publishing companies by the thousands. If they were turned away then they’d submit it to other publishing companies or give up on their dreams. But if a publishing company so happens to go forward with a manuscript it must go through the editing process then back to the author for approval and so forth until it is finally published. 

Now in the days of self-publishing, a lot more ambitious authors have started to submit their manuscripts to publishers. Therefore the editor’s job has become overwhelming, hence the need for beta-readers. 

A beta readers jobs is to identify inconsistencies, advise on character development, add description to opening scenes, suggest clarity or expansion of scenes, take note if something is missing or if development is needed, add to the flow or pace of a scene, and the over-usage of words.

Is a beta reader a necessity? In my opinion, yes.  It helps stream-line the manuscript to published works go smoother and more efficiently. In this day and age of increased manuscripts, time is of the essence with productivity as the end result. As a beta-reader myself, I believe it helps tremendously to have a professional review your works. I personally use one and will never publish or submit a manuscript to a publisher without one. It makes a world of a difference. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

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Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess, an excerpt from this historical fiction fright!

On their way to her house Lilly no longer questioned her actions tonight but only worried that her new companions wouldn’t be able to avenge her by wreaking the havoc she so desired. By the time they came to stand behind the house she was already disappointed as they seemed too relaxed for her liking. They appeared harmless now, not monstrous at all, but it was too late to turn back. The night was drawing to a close and the party was sure to end soon. It was now or never.

     Peering into the back of the house Lilly could see the party was dying down but still going strong. She sighed with relief as that meant the occupants would be too drunk to put up much of a fight.

     Lilly faced the others, who were watching and waiting from a distance still with complacency in their stance as if they had not a care in the world, though she acknowledged to herself that this world was not really theirs to care about. She wasn’t really sure how tonight would end but she needed them to know they must not kill Henry. He was hers and hers only.

     Walking over to them she explained, “I need you two . . .” Theolus put a finger up to her lips to shush her. “We already know what to do, Madame.” Then a smile crept across his face as he walked backwards towards the house, observing her the whole way. Hearon, already ahead of them, slowly ascended the back stairs of the house still not speaking. She only nodded to Lilly in recognition that she knew what to do.

     Lilly watched in anticipation as they crept inside, hoping not to be let down by them. But she never once stopped to question how they knew exactly what to do. Lilly’s heart was too consumed with rage; she wanted revenge so badly on those who had wronged her, she never thought to ask.

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Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole Blog Tour

Raven's Peak
By Lincoln Cole
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller

A quiet little mountain town is hiding a big problem. When the townsfolk of Raven's Peak start acting crazy, Abigail Dressler is called upon to find out what is happening. She uncovers a demonic threat unlike any she's ever faced and finds herself in a fight just to stay alive.

She rescues Haatim Arison from a terrifying fate and discovers that he has a family legacy in the supernatural that he knows nothing about. Now she's forced to protect him, which is easy, and also trust him if she wants to save the townsfolk of Raven's Peak. Trust, however, is considerably more difficult for someone who grew up living on the knife's edge of danger.

Can they discover the cause of the town's insanity and put a stop to it before it is too late?

Author Bio

Lincoln Cole is a Columbus, Ohio-based author who enjoys traveling and has visited many different parts of the world, including Australia and Cambodia, but always returns home to his pugamonster puppy, Luther, and family. His love for writing was kindled at an early age through the works of Isaac Asimov and Stephen King and he enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess Vol 1 Excerpt

Chapter 6

Tears filled Lilly’s eyes as she remembered all that Henry had put her through. She told herself she was helping this silly girl, Dalila the new placee, but truthfully she didn’t care how the girl felt. She was going to make her strong, so strong that no man would ever take from her what she didn’t give freely.
     So she chanted her magic spell, making her sacrifices, offering food to call forth the spirits from the other side—but only the dark spirits, the spirits with no mind to control their wicked ways. She wanted two sprits that could bring on the destruction of mankind, not caring what hell came with them. The rage inside her took hold as it completely enthralled her sensibility.
     She called, she danced, she cried for them to come forth into the two bodies lying before her, their eyes pleading with her to stop, pleading to let them go, pleading to be freed.
     Her body danced to the beat of the drums, the heat prompted beads of sweat to trickle down her back, causing her white dress to contour to her body. She did not care that she was not properly dressed as her bare feet kicked up the dirt beneath her.
      The music played, louder now, as she called them from the place between the spirit and the physical world. “Come forth!” she shouted, holding up the bowl of blood. She felt them before she saw them which caused her heart to race. She drank of the blood and danced until she saw the spirits coming in a slow march.
      The warm wind stirred, causing the earth to swirl around all of them within the circle. They were the dead walking, the ones who had lingered too long on the other side, now mere fragments of the selves they had been when were still alive. They walked slowly but she knew they were hungry for the bodies, the fresh meat unable to get free.