Sunday, February 14, 2016

Passion & Suspense

Through the darkness she found true love.

Madame Lilly, The Time of Sanura 
(Vol 3)
After months had passed Sanura finished her work, saying her goodbyes to Camille. Quentin met her upstairs when Thomas was out the back. “Is this goodbye? Are you sure she is well enough? I’m sure keeping an eye on her a bit longer wouldn’t hurt.” There was desperation in his voice as it cracked. He did not care to hide it. She had been in his life for nearly half a year and now she was going to walk away just like nothing mattered. Like they did not matter to each other.

What he didn’t know was that her services had not been needed for months now but she, too, had borrowed time. She thought of him often but knew their time must end. “I’m sorry, Quentin. but there is nothing else for me to do.” She could not face him in saying goodbye.

“Sanura, please.” He backed her into the closest room, his room, not realizing what he was doing, all the while kissing her. They both wanted it, needed it, had to taste each other. They gave into lust, desire, sin, tightly holding each other as if each moment counted. Their kisses were long, slow and passionate as if their souls depended on it. As she grabbed his hair and forced his tongue deeper into her mouth, he pulled her tiny waist closer to feel his excitement.

“I’ve wanted this, Sanura, I’ve wanted you since the first day I met you. God forgive me but I can’t let you go,” he breathed, kissing her ear, her neck, her bosom.

She had come to realize after only the first visit that she, too, longed for more of his touch and months later she could not imagine a world without him. That was why she had prolonged her visits to his wife. She wanted him so badly her body ached for him but she could not. This could never be. She would never force her world upon him. He would never understand.

She pulled away. “We can’t. Goodbye, Quentin.” Sanura held back tears, rushing out the door and passing Thomas coming up the stairs with not so much as a glance. Out the door she went, telling herself not to look back. Sorrow filled her heart for the first time in decades but this time it was out of love, not hatred.

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