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Samaria: Warrior Princess by Jaxx Summers

5 Stars!


INTERRACIAL BWWM...A DIFFERENT TAKE ON PARNORMAL ROMANCE - a Viking and African Princess! Get lost in the 10 Century on the African Continent! 
Samaria: Warrior Princess is the first book in an explosive short story series. 

A Viking with a thirst for blood. 
A na├»ve but powerful African princess. 
A vengeful sibling; spirit possession. 
What more could you ask for in a paranormal saga? 
And it’s only the beginning . . .


This is a story of Good vs. Evil. A battle between two sisters.

       This tale carries us across the sea to Africa where culture relies heavily on spiritual acceptance and beliefs. In a small tribe where ideals of the spirit world still rules, we await the ceremony of an eighteen year old girl who is doted upon named Nzinga. She has been chosen to inhabit the spirits of her ancestors giving her unattainable power. Ironically, on the very day of this long awaited ritual, the ancestors whisper to her younger sister, Samaria, that they have chosen her instead. Also on that day, she is beckoned by a mysterious being that has pleasantly aroused her.

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Mysticism & Myth Blog Tour!


Pre-order your copy today – ONLY $0.99! Final price will be $2.99, so be sure to secure your order today.
Available through AMAZON
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Bound By Blood (A Night Shift Novella)
By Margo Bond Collins
Sometimes the monsters in the dark are real...

As a child, Lili Banta ignored her grandmother's cryptic warnings to avoid children outside their Filipino community in Houston. When many of those other children fell ill, Lili ignored the whispers in her community that a vampiric aswang walked among them.

Years later, Lili returns to Houston to work for the Quarantine Station of the Center for Disease Control—but she is plagued by dark, bloody dreams that consume her nights and haunt her days. When a strange illness attacks the city's children, Lili is called in to find its source, and maybe even a cure.

But in order to save the city, she must first acknowledge the sinister truth: A monster stalks the night—closer than she ever expected....
Isa: Gift of the Baloma
By Perri Forrest

Isa: Gift of the Baloma is a fantasy tale created from a myth that derives from the Trobriand islands (today officially known as the Kiriwina Islands). Isa is the beautifully tortured soul who has never known love, and who has pretty much travelled through life alone.

When tragic circumstances lead her into the depths of the sea, she has no idea what her fate may hold, and thus prepares for worst. However, as in life, sometimes we have to go through our very worst to get to the place we were destines to be. Such is the case with Isa.

Just when she thinks all is lost, she meets Chief Topileta, headman of the villages of the dead, and an unexpected love affair ensures. As Isa will soon find, nothing in her life stays peaceful for long, and before she knows it, she is separated from the only person to ever care for her.

When tragedy strikes and Isa finds herself awake after two years of falling into a deep sleep, she is surprised to find that all thoughts are still with the man she has not forgotten. But has he forgotten her? Will he come for her? Will she find love again?

This is only the beginning of Isa's story, in the full length novel that is set for 2015 release, readers will find out the many layers of Isa and be able to journey with her as she finds out about her lineage and the family she was sure did not exist.

Micco, Anguta's Reign
By Dormaine G.
Micco (2)
Revelation can be a disheartening truth.
Micco, a captivating Native American man with a desirable physique and statuesque features, radiates a mysterious allure. Living on the reservation with his unapproachable father, he doesn't believe in the old ways and works as a cop in the local town.

The only reason he lives on the land is Nara, his childhood friend and the love of his life, who is married to a cruel reservation man. Waking up in the heart of a murderous scene, he flees for his life, unfamiliar with his surroundings or how he arrived there.

To his horror, he's assigned to the case. As he works with the local detective, more murders transpire with unusual, terrifying sightings of wolves. His behavior starts to drastically change, forcing others to take notice. Although trying to avoid the inevitable, Micco is forced to accept the undesirable truth, unable to fight what has been awakened, and all that he has forgotten is finally revealed.

Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Story
By Karen Perkins
She's back. This time no one is safe.
A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they are in terrible danger. Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?

Carnem Levare
By Jaxx Summers

We are born, live and eventually leave the mortal world. For Stefano Bonaro the same can be said, with a powerful exception. He was born to live and love in Venice, beyond death.

Stefano is passionately in love with Anastasia Soranzo. They grew up with the promise of a future together, through family bonds and emotional ties. Then suddenly their lives are torn apart by unforgivable deception. For the sake of family, Stefano and Anastasia can no longer have a future together. While Anastasia can easily move on, Stefano refuses to do so.

During Eighteenth Century Carnival, Stefano seals his faith when he commits a crime of passion that ends with him even taking his own life. But this is not the end for the jilted lover, when he is suddenly brought back to life a year later. Stefano's spirit continues to hope in love, even as he becomes ruled by madness. But will it ever truly end for Stefano Bonaro?

The Life Keeper
By Abby L. Vandiver
Life Keeper Cover

The bloodline of Romania, older than the legend of the vampire, the strigoi are vile, evil creatures who suck the life from the people of the villages that line the impenetrable forests of the country. In this tale with a twist, Jessica Petrescu dotes on her grandmother and takes care of her family in the aftermath of the fall of communism in Romania. Her family is disrupted by a red headed, indigo colored eyes cousin, who turns her household upside down in his quest to discover whether a strigoi is living among his relatives.  


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Connor by Dormaine G. excerpt

"He raised the black cane and struck the floor with it
not twenty feet in front of us. The striking motion made
a loud crackling sound, spontaneously creating electricity
in the air.
    It was such a strong surge that I started to walk toward
it, but Tanzia physically stopped me.
    A lightning bolt struck in the middle of the room, but it
did not disappear like it should have; instead it lingered
a while. It grew in size, opening up to form a big circular
bright silver light. It sounded like a gush of water or wind
similar to what Scott said he heard in the basement.
    This had to be a portal to ‘time’, that unsafe place for
us. Tochia yelled get back, but my legs locked. I didn’t
move. I needed to see up close who or what felt our lives
were so expendable.
    Out stepped a man, an extremely tall man, who wore
a black suit and a top hat. He just stood there smiling at
us. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. He didn’t
look real. I slowly backed up to the others, wanting to get
as far away as possible from him.
    His aura was powerful, almost suffocatingly so. The
light behind the tall man closed like a vacuum, and it was
calm again in the room.
    “Let me introduce myself to those who have not had
the pleasure of meeting me. My name is Tanner.” He
bowed when he introduced himself, top hat in hand, like
in a theater. He acted as if he was on stage, putting on a
Broadway show.
    Ronin tossed the man the black cane, then stood off
to the side and leaned against the front wall eyeing me.
“Thank you, Ronin.” Tanner gestured toward the couch,
smiling as if he wanted us to take a seat, like the show
was about to begin any minute.
    We just stood there ignoring his request, but rather
observing him, strangely waiting for him to make a move.
He pulled out three vials of something I could not make
out, but this time insisted we take a seat.
    Tochia tried to electrocute the man as he turned away
for a brief second, but he was too fast for her.
    Before the electricity could even get close to him, he
moved out of the way, took one vial out, and threw it down
on the floor, smashing into pieces. At first it seemed like
nothing occurred, then Tochia dropped like dead weight,
not moving.
    As I reached for her, Tanner replied, “I would not do
that if I were you. Even though I don’t need a vial for you,
I would love to punish your babysitters for your actions.”
I slowly moved back and sat down.
    “If you’re wondering what this is, young lady, it’s my
guarantee that your Keepers will behave. We can thank
your oh-so-trusting Keeper Khan for these, te-he,” he said,
making a sound, which I could only guess was a laugh.
    I asked Tanzia what was in the vials, but Tanner
answered for her. “I can answer that, young lady. Oh,
don’t look so surprised. You have not learned to block your
thoughts yet, so I hear you loud and clear,” he said, staring
at me with that bizarre smile on his face. “My goodness,
Tanzia, what are you teaching these kids nowadays?”
    “Get on with it, Tanner. We did not come here to sit
around and watch you perform. Trust me, you are the
only one amused,” Bynder said.
    “Well let me first explain to the girl,” he said to Bynder
then turned toward me. “These keepsakes are part potion
and part Keepers’ blood, your Keepers’ blood to be exact,
young lady, te-he. It, oh, how can I say this nicely, kills
    Dead, Tochia is dead..."


       Amazon US
       Amazon UK

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DISEASE by M.F. Wahl

5 Stars

Humanity's war against the living dead has been lost. In the wake of the apocalypse, the living fight fiercely for what little they have. 

In this hell-on-earth Casey, armed with a baseball bat, and joined by a mute boy named Alex, struggles to survive. When a man named Danny stumbles upon them, it's mistrust at first sight – but times are desperate. Danny leads them to a thriving settlement where danger lurks beneath the guise of kindness. 

It's kill or be killed in a world where power is life, and the earth is overrun by walking dead.


The story is a tale of survival.  Man against the world.
           The world has deteriorated and the dead now roam the earth. It begins with a young woman, Casey and a 9 y/o boy, Alex, who doesn’t talk, fight to stay alive after no one else in their group has survived.  It’s quite apparent from the beginning that these two have a bond as they are able to communicate without words. Unexpectedly, they meet up with a pack, lead by Danny, who at first rough houses them, but in turn offers them possible salvation. 

          Sadly, this salvation is run by Lot, a narcissist woman who only cares about power and what others can do for her and her elite group. Their base is in a hotel where everything seems perfect. Children go to classes, bonds are built and there is even military style protection but most of all there is plenty of food. Only there is ugliness behind these walls that most don’t know about unless they challenge Lot. Once that happens, they see the monster behind the facade. Casey thought the real threat was outside with the zombies but the war has just begun. The true monsters are called humans. This is all I want to give away as to not spoil what happens next.

          This book was such an easy read that the pages flew by. I liked how M. F. Wahl explained what was transpiring by getting to the point without dragging on with long drawn out descriptions. That fit the mood of the story. The author’s word choice of accounts engrossed me; ex: “Cannibalizing itself” was used to portray Casey’s hunger or “slither” to depict an untrustworthy person’s movements. This allows for remarkable visualization. 

          What I really liked about this tale was the topic of other issues rather than the typical zombie battle, different types of zombies or hunger. There was the discussion of the actual plague, diseases and parasites. I can appreciate when an author goes beyond simply stating an illness but actually gives an accurate report of the sickness as it was done with tetanus. Mainly, the characters were well developed and the storyline was well thought out. That’s what took this book to the next level for me.

So I have to give this book top notch. Disease drew me in and held me captive. M. F. Wahl gave me another horror author to follow.  I cannot wait for the author’s next installment of books. 

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Resurrection (Returned Book 1) by Kish Knight

5 Stars!

Returned is a four-part serialized paranormal Young Adult romantic thriller. Each book is short, gritty, and fun, and ends with a suspenseful turning point. A new book will be available every 4 weeks. 
Bargaining her soul had literally cost her .... her life.

Sionne Webster comes to in a new body, that of a recent suicide: an unpopular, mousy girl. She's got no clue who this chick was, or why her body was chosen for Sionne's Earth resurrection. What Sionne does know is that she's only got a few days to find her own murderer before the demon master, Tevit, whisks her back to Hell, hopefully with a killer in tow. Until she discovers that her unknown body donor IS her murderer. Unknown to the demon, Sionne has no intention of returning to the fiery pits, not when all she needs is a human guy to fall in love with her. Luckily, something has delayed Tevit, but any day now, he will seize the body, no questions asked, and toss it to River Styxx with her trapped inside. A slight problem...

Now Sionne will do anything to keep from going back to Hell, even depend on the hot, sexy chaos demon that she had to ... get closer to... as a part of the resurrection ritual.

The clock is ticking...

My Review
Resurrection was a quick sassy read! The main character has attitude; I love rebelliously strong females. Due to vanity, Sionne makes a deal with the devil for beauty but when you make a deal with the devil do expect to get tricked and she did. Two years later she’s at her funeral watching everyone she loves mourn her.  Well, mostly everyone. Now Sionne makes another deal, she really needs to stop making deals, to go back to earth to find out who killed her. Only, she has a secret mission to find a way to stay on earth permanently. Once she arrives, things already start off on a bad note but chaos always makes for an interesting read. So how will she manage? 

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Envy: A Twisted Taste of Seduction by K'Aliyah Knight

      Rameer Banner is fine as hell, with buku money, and the sex will make you delirious. He's the kinda dude that gets what he wants, when he wants. He owns it. 
     After 8 years of Rameer playing with her heart, Ki is done. Forget the sex, she's moving on, or so she tries. 
     Getting away from Rameer gets easier when a handsome detective catches her attention. But Ki can't move on, Rameer isn't having that. Will trying to let go cost her more than love...? Take a wild ride with these Crazy and Sexy Vampires and get the thrill of your Life. A Twisted Taste of Seduction will leave you wet with envy. 

My Review
       From the first chapter, I was sucked (pun intended) into the life of Ki and her woes. Sadly like most women, we fall for a man who gets into our system so much so that we can’t get rid of him and that’s the case with Ki and Rameer. Rameer was not my favorite by any means although he played a great antagonist. Even after all his drama I wanted them together. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic & a vampire lover. As far as Fatima, she was jealous, petty, an unnecessary witch that I could not stand. She was no Queen in my book. But as much as I couldn’t stand Fatima, Latoya, Ki’s sister, was the worst.
      From page one I was held spellbound by the development of characters which were well developed and well rounded. There never seemed to be a dull moment in the storyline. This book has action, romance, paranormal antics and a character you could either relate to or hate. Well done. Loved it!

5 Stars!

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Micco, Anguta's Reign...a supernatural mystery thriller with a heart wrenching twist

Newly Released


Revelation can be a disheartening truth

     Micco, a captivating man with a desirable physique and statuesque features, radiates a mysterious allure. Living on the reservation with his unapproachable father, he doesn’t believe in the old ways and works as a cop in the local town. The only reason he lives on the land is Nara, his childhood friend and the love of his life, who is married to a cruel reservation man.
     Waking up in the heart of a murderous scene, he flees for his life, unfamiliar with his surroundings or how he arrived there. To his horror, he’s assigned to the case. As he works with the local detective, more murders transpire with unusual, terrifying sightings of wolves.
     His behavior starts to drastically change, forcing others to take notice. Although trying to avoid the inevitable, Micco is forced to accept the undesirable truth, unable to fight what has been awakened, and all that he has forgotten is finally revealed. 


     After taking notes, he walked into another room, a bedroom, to catch his breath and inhale cleaner air. Not that it was much better. There were bloodstains on the floor and across the bed. By now the odor clung to his nostrils but at least there were no flies in here.
      He looked around for something, anything that gave a hint that he was here last night. He checked in the closet and took in the bloody sheets. As he bent down to check under the bed, he heard a peculiar sound. He stood up to get a better idea of what it was. It was a scratching noise of some kind coming from inside the room. It sounded familiar but he didn’t know from where or why it was recognizable. Peering around, he couldn’t find the source in any direction.
     Without warning, a blinding, flashing memory of screaming, running and piercing noise took hold of him. He grabbed his head, squeezing it, trying to stop the distorted thoughts. His eyes were blinking uncontrollably. A sharp twinge ran up his back. It was so excruciating that his muscles contracted, contorting with a loss of control. He tried to remain silent, though to no avail. It felt like someone was cutting him open from the back.
    Just as suddenly as it began, it stopped.
    Micco found himself on the floor, shirt drenched with perspiration, panting like his heart was about to jump out from his chest.
    Holy shit, what was that?
    He stayed there on the cold hardwood floor for a minute, gathering his breath and thoughts. He’d never experienced anything like that before. The full memories were gone but he did recall the screaming.
     A memory from last night? Please don’t make me have to go through that pain every time I remember something.
     Rolling over to get up, he saw a shirt tucked in the corner. It looked familiar; it was his own... 

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Horror Extraordinaire Carole Gill

Justine: Into the Blood
Book One, Blood and Passion Series

 “The blackness turned to shadows and from within those shadows, I saw figures. They might have been my parents. I called out to them but then felt myself drifting away—slowly at first, then more quickly. I clearly heard the shouts and cries of the damned. Was I bound for hell? I don’t think I cared.

And then I heard a voice; quite distinct it was, too. Someone was calling me forth.


A man’s voice, rich and deep sounding. At first I thought it was the count. . . I
might have even called out Oriani’s name. There was no answer though, just words spoken that sounded strange.

“Enter the darkness and live again!”

Soft murmuring ensued. Muffled voices and whispers, voices saying things I
could not understand.


Believing the offering to be water, I obeyed. But then I smelled it and turned
away. “Please, no!”

Was it wine? If so, it smelled awful.

“You must drink. . . ”

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Free Excerpt from The Shelf 2

Here is an excerpt from 
The Shelf 2: Cursed (the prologue this time).  Enjoy!

3 months after THE ordeal….
It was amazing how different the world seemed when someone hadn’t seen it for a while.  Things that she would have previously found exciting and engaging, she now found loud and over-the-top.  Stylish clothes were either too restrictive and stifling, or too thin and revealing.  Even her friends’ jokes (when she did see them) weren’t funny; they were sad and edged with double meanings.

“Leticia’s House of the Occult,” Bri Brewley read aloud as she stared up at the garish store in front of her.  A man passing on the sidewalk gave her an irritated glare as if she took up too much of the pavement, before continuing to chat on his cell.  Rolling her eyes at his retreating figure, Bri smirked.

“Bet I don’t need a fortune-teller to see that you’re a jerk.”

That might be true, but she did need the services of the fortune-teller inside this occultist shop.  Normally, Bri would have cringed to even enter a place like this, but she was desperate.  At this point, she would take any help she could get.  Except for Korey’s.

It was his fault that she was in this mess to begin with.

It was just after three in the afternoon, and Bri still wore the drab outfit that she’d gone to school in: sweats, sneakers, long-sleeved t-shirt.   Somehow, she felt as if the loose clothing helped form a barrier between her and the rest of the world, and most especially, from things not-of-the world.

A chill ran along her spine as she raised her hand to knock on the door, a dark slab of wood with intricate carvings cut into the center.  ‘What am I doing here?’ she wondered.  The strange shop was downright creepy.  When she’d looked up fortune-tellers online, the website had only listed the downtown address.  It hadn’t said anything about the place being creep central.  Either side of the door had a long, narrow window, but one was completely boarded over.  The other was filled with what looked to be a thick sheet of cobwebs, and Bri grimaced until she realized that it was actually a very heavy lace curtain.

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Rendezvous & Lioness Tale by Perri Forrest



About Author

Perri Forrest was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in sunny California. She describes herself as a trilogy - a Businesswoman who navigates through Corporate America flawlessly from Human Resources to Project Management, a Sociologist with a burning desire to save the world, and an Author who loves writing life into fiction.
While her pen and paper consummated when she was pre-teen, her written words would not be seen until a long time after. Perri's dream was always to write a book, but she didn't take steps to do so out of fear that readers wouldn't be interested in what she had to say.
When Perri suffered the devastating loss of her first cousin, in 2006, with a few months left to complete her undergraduate studies, she barely made it through. A good friend not only suggested that she begin blogging, that friend gifted her with a newly designed blog platform, which birthed her first e-journal.

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My Twilight Tuesday take on Sleepy Hollow

        In 1781, Ichabod Crane, a soldier in the Colonial Army, set on a secret mission by General George Washington to kill the man with the branded hand, later to become the Headless Horseman after Ichabod cuts off his head. Sadly, Ichabod dies while performing this task.  More than 200 years later, in the present-day Sleepy Hallow, Ichabod rises from his grave, after the Headless Horseman known as Death and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is coincidently summoned back from his grave. Both brought forth from an unknown source. The resurrection of the one causes the other to also come back to life as a result of their blood mixing shortly after Crane decapitated the Headless Horseman on the field of battle.
     Lt. Abbie Mills, of Sleepy Hollow, is caught up in the investigation of the Headless Horseman after he beheads Sheriff August Corbin, Mills' mentor and friend. As Lt Mills' investigation reveals the presence of the Supernatural world involving two occult groups - one for good, the other evil - in Sleepy Hollow, both of which are concerned with the Four Horsemen and the associated apocalypse.

       With Ichabod's first-hand knowledge of this country’s history and secret societies and Abbie’s superior profiling and modern threat assessment skills, the reason why she was accepted in to the FBI, they team up to work the case of the Horseman’s killing spree. Eventually, she stays behind in Sleepy Hallow under Ichabod’s protest, as to not go off to become a federal agent. After witnessing unnatural forces, they form an unstoppable team once realizing their lives are preordained. As they are the two witnesses, the only ones who can protect the world from the forces of evil.
        This is a modern day twist on Washington Irving's classic in which Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Abbie Mills fight vigorously to save the town of Sleepy Hollow from Hell on earth.

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The Shelf by Kish Knight (Old vs New Cover) Which do you prefer?

(Old Cover)                                                                                          

Some people are born into a family fortune. Bri has just entered into a family curse… 

…I don’t want to die…was what Bri’s best friend said only days before. Never having believed in curses, Bri dismissed Aeryal’s claims and assured her friend that     

                                                      (Revised Cover)

she would live. Assured her that all the near-death incidents were just coincidence. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Darkest Powers Bonus Pack by Kelley Armtsrong

Contains three companion stories to the #1 NYT bestselling Darkest Powers trilogy.

Dangerous (prequel to The Summoning) The story of how Derek and Simon came to Lyle House, told from Derek’s point-of-view

Divided (set between The Summoning and The Awakening) Derek and Simon’s adventures while separated from Chloe and Rae in the factory. Also told from Derek’s point of view.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Tour: D. L. Atha

Book Blurbs

Annalice, a single mother and physician, is ready to immerse herself in the mundane chores of her farm as a diversion from her hectic professional life. But she becomes the victim of a home invasion, the supernatural kind. Vindictive and cruel, Asa, a century old vampire, takes brutal control of her life and home.

Forcing her to strike a bargain in exchange for her daughter's life, Annalice must not only accept his presence but also bow to his depravity. Facing threats to her only child, she relies on her skills as a physician to unravel the clues to the vampire's existence, attempting to beat him at his own game.

Caught in a race against a genetic timeline, Annalice struggles to survive the Blood Reaction.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dragon's Revenge by Kasper Beaumont

Book Synopsis
Dragon's Revenge is the thrilling conclusion to the Hunters of Reloria trilogy. 

Magical Reloria is beset by hordes of invading enemy ships carrying giants with ocular laser beams. People and creatures from across the land band together against the invasion, while our group of heroes, the Hunters of Reloria, seek to restore the defensive shield to their borders. A savage attack on the dragons’ town decimates the population and leads the surviving dragon to pledge revenge against the invaders. 
Epic battles with dragons and giants ensue, leading to a thrilling climax.

Kasper Beaumont will be featured by Janice Ross at 08:00AM EST, be sure to tune in and call in too if you would like to join the conversation please do so using the number: (646) 652-2526 

Excerpt from Elven Jewel (Book 1)
This is an excerpt from chapter 5 of Elven Jewel and the first time we see the beast.  The characters are 2 elves: Princess Shari-Rose and her guardian Daeron; the dwarven brothers Baja and Raja; and four brave halflings: Old Fandri; his son Fendi; friend Randir and a huntress named Sienna. They have been tracked to an inn by their adversary, the Vergai invaders.   I hope you enjoy it.

They followed the sounds of struggling around the corner of the inn and saw an incredible sight.  A sopping wet Princess, wearing only a towel, was being held by the arms and legs by four of the scaly Vergai.  Another of the creatures was trying to muffle her screams with his clawed hand, which she was biting on as hard as she could and causing him to growl in frustration.

An Alpha's Captive - A Shifter, Paranormal Romance

Now Available It’s been six months since Gerard Brandt lost his brother in a tragic accident. Gerard left home, years ago, after relin...