Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cover reveal coming soon for the steamy romance "The Innkeeper's Daughter"

Curious about my new steamy romance, The Innkeeper's Daughter, about a man's struggle with temptation .

Cover reveal coming soon and book to be released March 22nd.
Until then here is a taste.

"While John and I discussed small talk, I was taken aback when this tall splendor woman stepped out from behind the door. Lightning struck me in my chest and a hot sensation ran up my back so vigorously that I needed to catch my breath.
She was tall, maybe 5’7” or 8” wearing denim jeans and a cream sweater. Her hair hung long, well past her mid back. It was wild, lose and free. Her hair’s dark mane complemented her flawless olive complexion and her eyes were a striking shade of green.
“Hanna, say hello to Mr. Chandler.” He gently but ever so forcibly edged her forward. “Why are you acting shy? You’re never shy? I’m sorry Mr. Chandler, I usually have to stop her, she’s always talking our guests to death. I guess at nineteen you never know what to expect, do you?”
“Hello, sir,” she spoke softly as if words were foreign to her. She focused only on my lips when she spoke while tenderly touching her full pink lips. Once she consumed all that she could of my mouth she then rolled her five karat emerald
eyes over my body one inch at a time. Heat rose in me with such fierceness I had to force myself to regain my composure.
I blinked back my uncharacteristic reaction of loss of speech and found my way back to self-control."

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