Sunday, January 29, 2017

Riverdale - What a pleasant surprise

This new drama is based on a fictional town called Riverdale, hence the name, that revolves around the life of certain teenagers. The town is small, quiet and cozy but appearances can be deceiving. This little hideaway is quite cliquey, holds a lot of secrets and conceals way too many lies. 

The story begins with the telling of what occurred over the summer. One of the Blossom twins went missing during a boating outing and is now presumed dead. It is clear that the wealthy Blossoms are not much liked since they do and say as they please. Especially Cheryl Blossom who is the Queen B in school, but unfortunately for her not everyone is intimidated, namely Veronica Lodge.

Veronica Lodge is well off or was until her father was brought up on embezzlement and fraud charges. Her mother moved them to Riverdale because of money issues - the lack thereof. Veronica is smart, chic and a firecracker. And from the moment Archie lays eyes on her he’s in lust and it’s obvious she thinks he’s a little hottie too.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Grimm, my take - Part 1

The Final Chapter
(writing that hurts)

So we're down to the wire and it's been an amazing series so far. The concept on how this show weaves the supernatural world into their investigations is very intriguing. Supernaturals on this show are called wesen which are mythical creatures. The idea that there's a completely other existence, most humans are clueless about, is fascinating. 

The main detective's name is Nick but he is also the Grimm.  He joins forces with Monroe, a Blutbad, to stop other wesens that take the law into their own hands. But it seems like rarely are there any bad humans. Go figure.

This season, Nick had to go into hiding from the captain since they are on opposing teams. Not that they haven't always been, but in the past they’ve managed to work together. Now their interests are, once again, clashing. Being that Hank is Nick's partner, he of course defends him but the captain sees that as a betrayal and turns on Hank as well. After Nick gets help in performing a spell to look like Sean, he ruins the captain’s present and future plans. After that he and the Sean were forced into a truce.

Captain Sean Ranard is a Zauberbiest and his narcissism has reached an all new high. I seriously thought his ego could not get any bigger. He has betrayed allies and has turned on the best detectives he's ever had. He's killed with no remorse and has done nothing to stop his mind controlling daughter. He only cares about power and being the next mayor. But even after all that he's done, Sean is one of my favorite characters. He is so deliciously evil.

So much trickery has occurred over the seasons that the once lovable couple, Juliette and Nick, are unfortunately no more. They can thank Adalind's, a Hexenbiest, for that. A few seasons back, she performed witchcraft to look like Juliette and inadvertently slept with Nick and wound up pregnant.

Ironically, Juliette turned into a Hexenbiest some time afterwards. Through a spell she pretended to be Adalind, but how exactly she became wesen has yet to be explained. No matter, it happened and when Juliette turned she became a cold, ruthless killer therefore ending her and Nick's relationship. Presently, because of some special wooden stick, no one knows anything about, her life was spared and she may once again be human. So will she and Nick get back together? That's a hard one since Juliette did kill Nick’s mother and he is in love with Adalind, the mother of his son.

I love the relationship between Monroe and Rosalee, a Fuchsbau. They may be wesen but their relationship is the most normal on that show. I wonder what their baby would look like. Maybe not. Yikes!

As much as I enjoy this show, I wish Nick had more abilities or at least they should more of them. I really don’t see how he is much different than the average man. Sometimes it seems like he has enhanced hearing but what else? Yes, he can see wesen, but so can any other human if the wesen chooses to reveal themselves. I need some clarification. Also, I do not care for Nick and Adalind's relationship. Although, I like Adalind's wicked character, she started all this mess to begin with. I know Juliette killed Nick’s mom but I'd still rather see them back together. I say if Nick can forgive Adalind he can forgive Juliette. Hey maybe the special stick will cure Nick’s love for Adalind.

Overall: interesting show!

That’s my update in Grimm. I will reach out again later. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weekly Post.

When I first started this blog it was supposed to have been more than just books, but over the past year I've been so busy it’s turned into just that. Although I still plan on promoting books, I want to get back to my weekly posts on my favorite supernatural and some mystery TV shows.

I've been told that I watch entirely too much junk, but I’d like to think of the tele as more of a mental hiatus box. It allows my, either crazy or imaginative brain depending on whose describing me, to slip away from reality and stay engrossed in another’s creative ideas.

Needless to say, I will talk about the drama that I hold dear to my heart for I greatly appreciate their ability to take me away. I will do to that until I can get away to a nice Caribbean island filled with white sand and clear blue sea.

P.S. I want this drink. 

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