Monday, March 21, 2016


What the sirens could do! 

"Dorinda pulled the other sirens close to her and they giggled and touched one another. And while they did this, they began to change—from women with beautiful hair and fine bodies they changed into men, then into animals and birds. They could do this because they had never been human.

They loved the changing, as they called it. In each form, they explored different ways of pleasuring one another. This transforming and pleasuring lasted for hours and still, the clowns slept.

The clowns woke to seeing the sirens looking as the dancers they knew. “Eat, my love, eat,” they coaxed. This they said as each held a handful of the food they had brought to them. Happy smiled for he no longer cared what he was given. He opened his mouth and ate, savoring the taste.

Each followed his example. Noble and Danny ate and all the while, the dancers sang. There was joy in the songs—joy and promises of a darkness none of the clowns could imagine.

“You will have bounty after bounty—nothing shall be wrong… no act despised, no desire denied,” Dorinda sang.

She led them out afterwards. “We shall take you places you have never dreamed of…”

Newly released by Creativia 

This book contains graphic violence, strong language and sex scenes.


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