Saturday, June 24, 2017

The great works of Carole Gill

About My Written Work

It's so ironical but all of the work that is published is dark. There's a 4-novel 
vampire series, book 1 of another vampire series and a horror novel about a
circus as well as the darkest work about Countess Bathory. There is also my 
collected horror stories. All my books are published by Creativia. The irony 
is, I wrote these works during the happiesttime of my life!

Truthfully, my life has been no picnic. Childhood was great but for about twenty 
five years after it, it was pretty awful. Traumatic actually. That's probably where 
the horror comes from. Those years tore into my soul and left a presence. Just 
the way it is. That presence is what I tapped into when I was married and wrote 
all that work.

In yesterday's post, I sought to update everyone on something that just took off. 
It's running on its own legs and has to come out, working day and night on it.

So that's it for now. But please remember, horror fans, I have a lot of work out
 and am writing more shorts for a horror ezine I like. So working almost constantly 
which is great. It's better than the abyss I was in for the past 21 months!

I have written about hell, but now I really know what it feels like. I'm still clawing 
my way back sometimes but I'm just about out of it.

The best thing for me I realize, is to stay busy so I am.

If you like dark horror, please check out my Amazon Author page:


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