Thursday, July 3, 2014

Introducing Tintd Teen: YA Collaboration

 Tintd Teen's goal is to:

"Market fun, escapist novels with characters of color or otherwise, for children, teens and young adults that will expand their creative vision, open their eyes to the origins of fantasy, and that will live on for decades as a ‘memorable, reading experience’. 

The imprint focuses on a particular niche: interesting, quality novels in the fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and paranormal genres with unique spin – books that shape the adolescent memory of fiction reading."

Note from Cheryl Parsons, Founder

    Kish Knight
Some people are born into a family fortune. Bri has just entered into a family curse… 

…I don’t want to die…was what Bri’s best friend said only days before. Never having believed in curses, Bri dismissed Aeryal’s claims and assured her friend that she would live. Assured her that all the near-death incidents were just coincidence. 

Then came her funeral. 

And then come the attacks on Bri’s life, attacks that are eerily similar to the ones on Aeryal. Without warning, she’s running for her life from a demonic being that only she can see, and in the midst of it all, not one, but two gorgeous guys are suddenly vying for her attention. 

The thing is, mysterious artifacts snuggled away on her best friend’s bookshelf might prove that one of her boyfriends isn’t as innocent as he seems.

Khadija Craddock
I couldn't think or rationalize my actions. I could only feel the sensation of his blood traveling inside of me..."

Alaya Eveland is an aspiring track star at Equinox High in Equinox, Florida. She was beginning to make a name for herself throughout the city for her amazing speed and her infallible track record, but her obsession with becoming a professional athlete caused her to kill her mother and herself. Miraculously, she was given a second chance at life. However, Alaya is too grief stricken to care much about her school career and only focuses on track and Octavius, a striking, mysterious boy in her class. She is drawn to Octavius like water vapors to a cloud and ignoring him is almost impossible. Despite having a best friend and a crush on her teammate Shemroy, she still feels a heavy amount of burden and pain from killing her mother. But it seems maybe she was really better off dead, for she soon learns she needs blood to sustain her life, her father has to kill her for existing, her ex-boyfriend has extreme jealousy issues, her favorite track adversary has gone missing. People end up dead. Nothing is as it seems and no one is who they say; not even Alaya.



"I, Connor, thought I was the average sarcastic teenager, living a normal boring life like everyone else with a crazy, annoying family. Wrong. I recently discovered that I have certain abilities. Abilities that link me to others like me, and others, unlike me, who want to cause me harm. 
I found out this world is not what I thought, as well as the strange creatures in it, and that frightens me. I had to grow up fast and find the strength to defend myself from those beings who don’t want me here or who will take my strengths by any means necessary. 
Throughout this craziness, I met a wonderful guy named Tony, who has abilities too. With him and five others like us we discover who we are and how we came to be. 
Then there is Ronin, a being who is young, smart, and cunning. He is set on taking his revenge out on me yet I have no idea why." 

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