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My Writing Process

I was so intrigued when Janice G. Ross asked me to be a part of a blog hop, which was new to me.  Janice is such a talented author, and having read her books, I feel privileged she has asked me to join in this wonderful event.  Please look up her books on Amazon as her many works have inspired me to strive higher in my works.


I am currently working on several different projects with very different backgrounds.

The Connor series is a coming of age story that follows a group of teen who discover that they have certain abilities. The book is seen through the eyes of the main character, Connor, who realizes her life is not when it seems after she comes into her abilities.  She meets other teens like her and we follow them as their lives unfold. I’m currently working on Connor: Revealed (Book 2)

MadameLilly, Voodoo Priestess series is a historical fiction horror set in the late 1800s. It deals with a Creole woman, birth name Odara, in New Orleans reared in the ways of placage where she became a common-law-wife to a wealthy Frenchman. We watch how she grows from a naïve girl to a scorned woman after dealing with her husband’s abusive ways. Through voodoo, she seeks vengeance against him and those who’ve wronged her. I’m currently working on Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess: Sanura (Book 3).

 I am also working on a new series that has yet to be titled surrounding the life of Native Americans and lycanthropes. It will be viewed from a male perspective dealing with supernatural beings.


In whatever genre I write, I like to write stories where the main characters are strong and deal with life situations in a spirited way. My characters must be diverse, covering several different ethnic groups and/or cultures.

Also, I don’t believe in picture book endings that are unrealistic and glossed over.  Giving my readers a more believable story is important to me. My approach is plot driven and hard-core where the characters must handle what is thrown at them but I still try to make for an easy read.


I write for the love of expression and the need for diverse characters.

When I think of a character, I simply sit down and write the story out. I don’t plot anything, but instead let the tale come to me as I imagine it. I allow the words to flow without the restriction of an outline limiting my creativity, although at times, I will chart a timeline for accuracy purposes.  If research is needed, I delve in, gather all required material, then plot my story even more. I will research before and during my writing process to make sure what I’m giving you is accurate as possible. 
Who Goes Next?

I now hand the torch over to an exceptional writer, Kish Knight. Please be sure to visit her blog and support her along the journey.
Kish Knight is a paranormal/scifi author and founder of Tintdteen a collaboration of young adult authors working on diversifying reading. She currently has two series out through Amazon. The first is titled The Shelf and the second Geek-Senior Year. She is a very talented author who takes young adult drama to the next level. Read more about Kish on her blog at

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