Sunday, November 24, 2013

New to Blogging.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Everywhere I see people are blogging here and there like professionals. Well I'm not a blogger. I'm new to the media industry as I recently published my first young adult urban fantasy novel in October of 2013 named  Connor. I probably will make all the mistakes one is not supposed to write in a post and even invent some.

Today is day one of my new blog which I'm actually excited about which is strange for such an introverted person. I never knew how much a person had to put of themselves out there after writing a book. There is marketing, mingling and more marketing and mingling. 

I can sit in my writing nook all day and be completely satisfied as I am a hermit by nature but what is the point of writing a book for the public if no one reads it. Therefore I have no other choice but to put myself out on limb and come out of my shell. 

Wish me luck. 


  1. Social network can be intimidating. Just be yourself, let readers into your world. You're off to a great start.

    1. Thank you I appreciate the good advice Maureen.


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