Thursday, December 26, 2013


Motivation, where does motivation come from when writing? What motivates me?

     My head is always filled with so many story ideas I felt compelled to write them down. Throughout the years I have read so many books, that I have loved, but always knew I had stories to tell. Once you get over the idea that you are not good enough to write, which was the case for me, and the panic of what people will think of my book once it is done, the ideas start to flow when I actually sit down to write.

      I never really thought that writing was in the cards for me because I had a plan of practicality but my creative side always poked through. I have always been told that I was different, not in a bad way, but just different. I Never really knew how to take that but now I see that is a good thing. Being different has allowed me to write my first Science Fiction book.

     People always ask what was my plan when sitting down to write a book. Writing a book is not an easy task since it involves a lot of work. Just to list a few - character development, an interesting story line that follows through and allowing yourself to be true to yourself when writing. 

     There are key points I must have in my book when first sitting down to write its just a matter of getting there and tying it all together to where is makes since PLUS hold the readers interest.

     For me, I knew my book had to involve fiction because that is what I love and my main character was going to be female because I can relate to her. I feel you have to be able to relate, in some way, to the characters you write. 

     When you sit down to write, it should feel natural and not bound by too many restrictions or rules. You have to be flexible or you may never reach your full potential when it comes to being creative. Too many restrictions can cause anxiety which can block the flow of creativity.

     I'm now working on book 2 of the Connor series and short story  but some days I don't feel motivated until I sit down to write. If I don't care for what I originally wrote I tweak it but that is all right. We all have to reword, re-tweak or revamp our story to make it perfect, right? I do it so many times until I have to make myself stop and let go or it will never get published, 

     Bottom line, once the panic of people judging my creativity my creativity flows, I set my book goals, I have to relate to what I'm writing and or the characters, good or bad, but mostly allow myself freedom to explore all possibilities. 

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