Monday, December 30, 2013

Struggles of The Women Folk by T.M. Brown


Let me start with a little setup of the book: The story takes place in the south during the 1940's. It  follows the many life challenges of a black girl named Georgie who endures a lot of hardship.

From the first line of the book, I knew it was going to be an interesting read. The characters were well written so that I felt their doubts, fears and hardships along the way. T.M. Brown  has written an amazing book that captured the heart and soul of the deep south in America. She delved into the past allowing the reader to travel back in time with the story line by giving thorough depictions along the way. I could picture what she was trying to describe and that is important for the reader when dealing with a different period in time.

There were moments I laughed, moments I cried and moments I even wanted to walk away but I never could, of course. I found it too easily entertaining and so entertaining I finished the book in one sitting. I had to read more.

There were periods in the book that I was not too happy with Georgie and the decisions she made regarding her life. I felt she did not always think things through and could have saved herself some heartache and pain by doing so. In saying that it does not reflect the writings of T.M. Brown as she carried through keeping the same mindset of the character. What I loved most about the book was that Georgie would find strength to make it through the hard times regardless of what others may have thought.

I highly recommend this book!

Book Description:

This is Georgie's story. A young black girl coming of age in the 1940s American South. You'll follow her journey and experience her challenges as she grows up in a world of poverty, prejudice and discrimination. Most readers find the story gripping and very emotional, following Georgie every step of her way, through loss, triumph and hardship.

You can reach T. M. Brown at

T. M. Brown was born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland but now lives in Stroudsburg, PA. She has a BA in Psychology and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering. She may be a Human Factors Engineer during the day but by night, she lets her creative side come out as an author.  

Other books T. M. Brown has written:  A Life Not My Own
and A collaboration with other seasoned independent authors:   
Just Between Us-Inspiring Stories by Women

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