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Grimm - My take Part 2

Grimm’s recap of last week. The show started off with a bug-like man, a Wesen which looked like a Cicada, come up from the ground one night in Stillman Park.  He woged into a man dressed in torn, filthy rags and observed his environment. He approached a man talking on a phone and said “Hungry…Need something to eat.” The kind man called 911 for him.

I’m sorry but if a strange man who looked like he just dug himself out of a tunnel comes out of nowhere claiming to be hungry, I’m keeping my distance and I’m keeping my eye on him while I call 911. I’m just saying.

Moving on. Poor Eve/Juliette- I call her that because her body is in limbo-  woke up in the tunnels under Nick’s loft with a sigil ingrained in her left palm and bloody knuckles. Around her were carved symbols she’d drawn on the brick walls for who knows how long. While everyone was going on with their lives she was stuck underground. 

Has no one missed her or wondered where she’d been living since headquarters had been destroyed. Wasn’t she and Rosalee best friends at one time?

Speaking of headquarters that took us to Sean Renard. He has this spectacular new home overlooking Portland and damn if it is not gorgeous. Adalind may need to trade up from the dark, loft she shares with Nick. Anyways, he had his daughter Diana for the night and found her sadistic dolls in a box and had the good since to remove the pin she used to control people. About time but that is only one aspect of her abilities. It's something at least. He's still being haunted by Meisner, the man he claimed he killed to put out of his misery, but I’m not sure if its guilt Sean feels or if he's truly being haunted. I'm apt to believe it's real. Since when does Renard feel guilty about anything he does? The next day when Adalind picked up Diana it appeared that Sean was going to ask her for help stopped himself. 

For some bizarre reason they actually do help each other, well most of the time, so he should have let go of his pride and done so. 

We enter Monroe and Rosalee’s world at the OB/BYN where they discover Rosalee is carrying triplets. Shoot me! I’m still dying to see this Blutbad/Fuchsbaus  combination. Loved the look Rosalee gave Monore when he said “I love you. You can do this” Pretty sure she had a choice few words she wanted to say but not in front of the doctor. Still my favorite couple ever on television.

Back at Stillman Park, Nick, Hank and Wu discussed the body of a naked man, discovered by a jogger, who just so happened to be the very one who called 911 for the Cicada. While they searched for clues, a woman screamed from afar when her little boy fell into a hole and uncovered the remains of a decomposed body.

We jump to a now clean Cicada eating at a diner. There he blabs on to the waitress about not eating for some time and the last woman did not last as long as he thought. Did he not think the waitress was going to report that especially after he was using a stolen credit card? And of course the body they found in the  hole at the park was in fact a woman and yes she had been gnawed on. Needless to say, Nick and Hank showed up at the diner where the waitress reported everything the man said to her. She also give a great description to the sketch artist.

Back at the dark, dank loft Adalind and Diana are talking about Meisner since she overheard her father saying his name the night before. Diana sensed Eve/Juliette in the tunnels and Adalind managed to get Eve/Julliette upstairs. Right afterwards, Diana went down into the tunnels and saw the markings on the walls and illuminated them with her lavender eyes.

While all this occurred at Nick’s loft, he was at Rosalee's shop with Hank when they figured out what the bug-like man was. Ataktos Fuse, an immortal which only comes above ground for twenty-four hours every seven years to find his next food source for his next seven year underground stent. It's known as a party animal and hung with Dionysos, God of whine and festivals.  Nick showed Monroe the sketch who swore that he knew the guy of which everyone found odd since it only comes above ground for one day.

We head back to the dark, loft where Adalind called Nick and told him the Eve/Julliette was there because she had been living in the tunnels this whole time. While they are waiting for Nick to arrive, Adalind apologized to Eve/Juliette for all the things she'd done to her. Really! Sorry but a little too late doll face. You have my life! Anyway, as soon as Nick arrived he asked Eve/Juliette “How are you?” and she said “Like I shouldn’t be here.” Things are a bit awkward because of the love triangle thing. She showed Nick all the drawings she did in the tunnels and thought it had something to do with the stick that healed them both.

Please let that mean that they will be drawn back to each other.

Hank called Nick about another body discovered but this time at a bar which was obviously done by the Ataktos Fuse. As viewers, we'd witnessed  Ataktos Fuse show up at that same bar and buy a woman a drink, kill her date then take her away for a nightly stroll. Not smart girlie. Didn’t your mom teach you not to leave with strangers? While these two took in the fresh air and listened to the sounds of crickets, Monroe figured out the sketch is that of  William Stillman, the man who owned the land the park is named after. 

So how does a Wesen that only comes above ground every so often have a reputation and own land? They skipped some explaining on this one. 

While they are dealing with Wesen, Sean heads over to creepy lane to visit a shady pawn shop. Obviously he and the owner knew each other and Sean wanted to know if he was truly being haunted or if he had lost his mind. Sean offered up a family heirloom as payment plus his royal band, not a wedding ring, to find out. The owner placed him in a large glass box called an aspirateur despirt — a spirit vacuum — to pull out any spirits attached to him. So a naked, oily – not sure how he got so sweaty or oily but he was – stepped inside, but things did not go as planned.

While Sean was being vacuumed to death, we pan back to the park where the Cicada knocked out his date and woged back into Ataktos Fuse. Nick, Hank and Wu run upon him to take him down as he dug a hole for him and his seven year date, but before they could cause him harm his own date woged into what appeared to be a HIPPO and bit his head off. Seriously! The plus-sized woman had to be a hippo! I’m a little bothered by their lack of sensitivity on that subject matter.  Then afterwards the convo went something like this: 

“You’re the Grimm,” the date says.
“Yeah. Thanks,” Nick responds.
“What’s a girl gotta do to find the right guy in this town?” She asks.

I'm literally at a loss for words at this point. 

Back at creepy lane, the spirit of Meisner did indeed detach himself from Sean while inside the box, leaped into the shops keepers body and cranked up the machine to where sparks flew from the engine. Sean passed out only to wake up in an abandoned shop to discover this was a mind game and Meisner is clearly taking over.  

My take: The story started off pretty interesting. We know that the stick still affects both Nick and Eve/Julliette and that Sean is losing his mind, but it took a sharp left turn for me when the plus-sized woman, who turned out to look a lot like a hippo Wesen, saved the day. NOPE! It's the Grimm's job to save the day.  This is the last season Grimm you are going to need to step it up. We need more Grimm abilities, more action, bring back Trubel and please better story-lines. You need to go out with a bang and not give us these filler episodes.

Over all: Not a grade A, but I still love my Grimm. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.

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