Sunday, January 29, 2017

Riverdale - What a pleasant surprise

This new drama is based on a fictional town called Riverdale, hence the name, that revolves around the life of certain teenagers. The town is small, quiet and cozy but appearances can be deceiving. This little hideaway is quite cliquey, holds a lot of secrets and conceals way too many lies. 

The story begins with the telling of what occurred over the summer. One of the Blossom twins went missing during a boating outing and is now presumed dead. It is clear that the wealthy Blossoms are not much liked since they do and say as they please. Especially Cheryl Blossom who is the Queen B in school, but unfortunately for her not everyone is intimidated, namely Veronica Lodge.

Veronica Lodge is well off or was until her father was brought up on embezzlement and fraud charges. Her mother moved them to Riverdale because of money issues - the lack thereof. Veronica is smart, chic and a firecracker. And from the moment Archie lays eyes on her he’s in lust and it’s obvious she thinks he’s a little hottie too.

That makes for a jealous Betty Cooper and from the moment she spoke the late Brittany Murphy flashed before my eyes. I’m thinking that’s how she got the role. Anyhoo, she is head-over-heels in love with Archie, but he only sees her as the best friend. She is sweet, easily intimidated and extremely shy. How could she not be, her mother is a controlling Nazi. She’s the perfect daughter, but now that she and Veronica are friends things are going to change around town. Thing is, they are both crushing on Archie. Let’s see how that friendship works out. My crystal ball tells me someone will get her feelings hurt.

Archie Andrewsthe young, ripped red head. He’s the all-star football player who makes heads turn. Hell even his music teacher lost her morals and forgot to keep her skirt down over the summer break. Now the, once again, moralistic Ms. Grundy can't run fast enough away from Archie because its obvious, during the show's flashbacks, they hold more than just one big secret. Archie is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, but his dad wants him to run the family construction business only Archie doesn’t want to. To sum it up - he's confused about his future, he has the hots for his teacher and Veronica, but somehow needs to keep his best friend Betty happy. Needless to say he is juggling way too much and he’s going to explode very soon.

What can I say about Riverdale? I did not research this show before it aired but I’d seen the previews. I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be interesting but surprisingly enough it turned out to be just that. About five minutes in is when you realize this new drama is about the old-time comics when main character introduces himself as “…Archie Andrews”. Then it clicked. Even though the comics were before my time, I remember seeing them on the racks in the grocery stores. My parents used to buy them for me and I still have a few in storage. From what I remember, the stories revolved around goofy teens getting into trouble. Nothing dark and mysterious like this show.

They’ve kept the old time favorites, Jughead, Moose and Jose and the Pussycats besides the main characters. They were smart not to sell the plot based off the comics or I may have gone in with prejudices. Not that I didn’t like the comics, but I went in with no preconceived notions and that to me was clever. They may be in the same town and have the same names but this Riverdale is darker, gritty & downright bitchy.

Overall: So if you like love triangles, ominous plots and mean girls, this is the one for you. 

Stay tuned, I will give weekly updates on this one.
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