Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Hot new release "The Plumber" by Mz. Jae


Sean Flynn is a man with an appetite for fine women. This key element is his greatest downfall. Flynn has always been loved, even worshipped by women from all walks of life. He’s had his share of wealthy southern belles, princesses, a spoiled heiress, sensual intellectual types and, most recently, a powerful professional diva. Though having very little in common with these women that crave this blue collar, tattooed Irishman, Flynn’s been able to secure their affections. In many ways, he is living a life that most men would sell their souls for. But don’t be fooled. Being desired by the best of women comes at a price, especially when these women are meant to be untouchable. Of all the men in the world, only Sean Flynn has been capable of setting them straight, and laying the pipe just right. 

After consistently finding himself in trouble with the law, even having served time for lack of control, Flynn looks to make a change. But since he’s already set the stage for the wrong types of relationships, how can he so easily walk away? 

As Flynn continues down this self-destructive path, he finds solace in an unlikely savior: yet another woman. Judge Lauryn Lomax is thrust into his life. Though she’s attached, connected and indebted to career criminals, Lauryn refuses to give up on this man she barely knows. 

Flynn has never relied on luck, in fact, it’s consistently played against his favor. But when the right woman comes along, one that is willing to brave hell for his sake even as her own life hangs in the balance, can he believe that all things are possible?

My Review
I was given the opportunity to read the novel before it was released and could not have been more pleased. The opening scene alone was hot but it kept getting better from there. The story revolves around a young male named Flynn, a Southie and if anyone is familiar with Boston then you know where that is and the hard mentality. Although he has numerous woman at his disposal, he is more than that. He is well developed and what I love most about him is his sarcastic sense of humor, especially when he and his brother get together. I love this character. I found myself cracking up at certain parts. This novel covers love, action, treachery and murder. He most definitely has a self destructive nature, which I must have in a great book, but he has the personality skill to get himself out of trouble. The problem is his brother does not. I cannot wait to read the second installment of this series. What a superb beginning but I want more!

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