Sunday, November 30, 2014

Connor by Dormaine G. excerpt

"He raised the black cane and struck the floor with it
not twenty feet in front of us. The striking motion made
a loud crackling sound, spontaneously creating electricity
in the air.
    It was such a strong surge that I started to walk toward
it, but Tanzia physically stopped me.
    A lightning bolt struck in the middle of the room, but it
did not disappear like it should have; instead it lingered
a while. It grew in size, opening up to form a big circular
bright silver light. It sounded like a gush of water or wind
similar to what Scott said he heard in the basement.
    This had to be a portal to ‘time’, that unsafe place for
us. Tochia yelled get back, but my legs locked. I didn’t
move. I needed to see up close who or what felt our lives
were so expendable.
    Out stepped a man, an extremely tall man, who wore
a black suit and a top hat. He just stood there smiling at
us. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. He didn’t
look real. I slowly backed up to the others, wanting to get
as far away as possible from him.
    His aura was powerful, almost suffocatingly so. The
light behind the tall man closed like a vacuum, and it was
calm again in the room.
    “Let me introduce myself to those who have not had
the pleasure of meeting me. My name is Tanner.” He
bowed when he introduced himself, top hat in hand, like
in a theater. He acted as if he was on stage, putting on a
Broadway show.
    Ronin tossed the man the black cane, then stood off
to the side and leaned against the front wall eyeing me.
“Thank you, Ronin.” Tanner gestured toward the couch,
smiling as if he wanted us to take a seat, like the show
was about to begin any minute.
    We just stood there ignoring his request, but rather
observing him, strangely waiting for him to make a move.
He pulled out three vials of something I could not make
out, but this time insisted we take a seat.
    Tochia tried to electrocute the man as he turned away
for a brief second, but he was too fast for her.
    Before the electricity could even get close to him, he
moved out of the way, took one vial out, and threw it down
on the floor, smashing into pieces. At first it seemed like
nothing occurred, then Tochia dropped like dead weight,
not moving.
    As I reached for her, Tanner replied, “I would not do
that if I were you. Even though I don’t need a vial for you,
I would love to punish your babysitters for your actions.”
I slowly moved back and sat down.
    “If you’re wondering what this is, young lady, it’s my
guarantee that your Keepers will behave. We can thank
your oh-so-trusting Keeper Khan for these, te-he,” he said,
making a sound, which I could only guess was a laugh.
    I asked Tanzia what was in the vials, but Tanner
answered for her. “I can answer that, young lady. Oh,
don’t look so surprised. You have not learned to block your
thoughts yet, so I hear you loud and clear,” he said, staring
at me with that bizarre smile on his face. “My goodness,
Tanzia, what are you teaching these kids nowadays?”
    “Get on with it, Tanner. We did not come here to sit
around and watch you perform. Trust me, you are the
only one amused,” Bynder said.
    “Well let me first explain to the girl,” he said to Bynder
then turned toward me. “These keepsakes are part potion
and part Keepers’ blood, your Keepers’ blood to be exact,
young lady, te-he. It, oh, how can I say this nicely, kills
    Dead, Tochia is dead..."


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