Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grimm Review

In 2011 the executive producers of Buffy and Angel decided to come over to the dark side and produce "Grimm" a fantasy drama which is inspired by the well known Grimm's Fairy Tales. The show follows a detective named Nick Burkhardt who finds out he's the descendant of a group of hunters called Grimms whose job it to keep the world safe from a group of supernatural beings. 

*"Grimms (Latin: dēcapitāre) are several families of special people, warriors and hunters, who possess incredible powers, such as being able to see the true form of Wesen, even when the Wesen don't want them to. For centuries they have placed it upon themselves to police and hunt the Wesen population, to protect normal humans from the unknown threat around them."

Unlike the typical comical undertone of "Buffy" and "Angel", two shows that I loved, this show is much more serious as it covers more adult situations. The story deals with such Wesen (VAY-zin) creatures as Siegbarste, Hexenbiest, and Skalenzahne, just to name a few. How the Wesen can distinguish the Grimm from another human is through the eyes. When they turn they can see infinite darkness in the Grimm's eyes that reflect their true nature. The Grimm posses superior fighting skills,  good heads for observation, and uncanny instincts for people and their personalities, even besides their ability to sense the supernatural.

In his mid thirties Nick developed the ability to see what most could not and he had no idea how or that he was a Grimm. Only that he kept seeing Wesen  making him think he was losing his mind until his aunt unexpectedly paid him a visit finally explaining his family history. It was difficult at first finding out about his families history after his gift had already developed, accepting his unwanted ability, plus keeping the truth from his partner Hank and his girlfriend Juliette.

Through his struggles he befriends a Wesen, Monroe a Wesider Bluebod, which would normally be forbidden but in this case it works out as he helps Nick navigate through the Wesen world. Unbeknownst to Nick, his captain, Sean Renard, is also Wesen opens the door to The Royal Houses as he is part royalty and the Veratt a Wesen organization that serves under the seven Royal houses. At one time the Royal Houses had more control over Grimms in the past but in this modern time not so much. 

Through the bizarre cases and unexplained incidences Nick filled Hank and Juliette in on the supernatural world. Plus, now, the captain and Nick work together since the captain is treated unfairly by the Royal family as his blood is not full royalty so his loyalty to them is fair at best. I like that Nick is not under the Royal's thumb and that he has Wesens friends. Its an added twist that makes the show more likable and proves all supernaturals are not bad. 

 I'm a sucker for detective shows as it is but when you throw in supernatural creatures against a detective with abilities its hard to go wrong. It has a great basis like the Grimm Fairy Tails, good plots, no dragged out love story, good acting and amazing graphics. The only thing that I wish to see more of is Nicks abilities. He has them so why not show them? Other than him having the ability to see the supernatural he doesn't show any other enhanced capabilities like his mother and aunt when it comes to fighting. Overall the show is well written and well done. I hope "Grimm" is around for many more years.

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