Saturday, April 12, 2014

Geek-Boy Equals... (Senior Year Book 1) by Kish Knight

This book is about three nerdy girls who want popularity. They are tired of the constant ridicule for their peers or worse yet the rejections from the boys they like. After agreeing to makeovers things don't go according to plan. Popularity isn’t all that it’s cracked to be, but then again, maybe their friendship isn’t either.

This book was not my typical vampire, werewolf, paranormal, urban fantasy, dysfunctional romance novel that I normally read but it was a good read.  

It's a coming of age fiction surrounding the lives of three main characters, Olivia (my favorite), Tabitha and Kaitlyn who are best friends. They decide to change their lack of popularity by reinventing themselves through alter egos thinking it will help but NO! Sadly things don't work out a planned.

Actually they didn't really have a plan.  They figured if they applied makeup, added hair and wore different clothes things would change for the better as in their lives would improve. Unfortunately, when you have  a lack of experience in life, as in attention and dating, you don't know what to do with it once you get it. So basically there are two options - either you rise to the occasion or fall and even though one character rose to the occasion it went to her head jeopardizing their friendships.
Although I like more of a rush in a book, it still held my interest because I needed to know was going to happen. Remembering what it was like as an unpopular teen in school, I could relate.  I guess I wont know what happens until book two!!

I recommend this book!

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  1. Nice cover! Looks like an interesting read too. :-)


    1. I like the theme of the cover too. I've started reading it is interesting and funny too.


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