Thursday, March 27, 2014

Teen Wolf

Teen wolf is about a group of teens (hence the name) dealing with (obviously) wolves, besides a banshee and a lot of other supernaturals. In the beginning, the show revolved around two teens, Scott and Stiles, who slacked off  a lot until one night Scott was bitten by an alpha wolf. That's when all Hell broke lose.

Stiles noticed Scott strange behavior and in turn forced Scott to tell his best friend, Stiles, about the bite. Then once the full moon came all normalcy was out the window. At first the story dealt with Scott's difficult transition into becoming a wolf, like when he would wolf out or his temper would get out of control but with the help of his buddy, his secret was kept safe. Well at least for a little while.

During his transition phase Scott discovers there is a wolf pack in town fighting for the role of alpha, Derrick, who was next in succession after his uncle died, which they thought, but he was only buried alive. Through it all there is romance between Scott and a girl whose family so happens to be werewolves’ hunters and issues involving other paranormal entities.

Since then the stories have progressed into discovering that the people they thought they knew turned out to be some sort of supernaturals with abilities or enhanced capabilities. The constant attacks on their lives and what they do to protect each other is mind blowing at times.

I like this show a lot because of the sense of humor it portrays between the serious moments and there are a lot of serious moments involving violent deaths, missing family members and the vicious paranormal beings. The characters are well acted, dramatic and likable plus the graphics are amazing but not even as much as the creative story lines. The plots are deep, twisted and dark which is why I love this show so much. For me  this season alone was amazing and my MVP of the year was Stiles, played my Dylan O'Brien (below), who believably acted his ass of in the role of Nogitsume, the chaos demon who rocked Beacon Hills.

The word "teen" may be in the tittle but this is not for the young at heart.

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