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First of all I have to say I'd never imagined there would be a Kelley Armstrong, (my most favorite author like ever) show when I started reading her books, so YAY! Ever since reading her books I've had a love and appreciation for lycans, lycanthropes, werewolves...whatever you want to call them just as much as vampires. They are a separate species so I can like them equally. Actually, I would like Vampire stories more if they'd make them exactly what Vampires were supposed to be... Crazy! Like in Dracula, the TV show and Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Sorry, back to the show Bitten. It's set in Canada based on a pack of wolves, some born others bitten, trying to lay low and stay alive. The main pack consists of Jeremy, the head of the pack and wolf born, Clayton, Jeremy's adopted son who was bitten and left to die, Nick, Logan, Phillip & Elena who was also bitten, hence the name, by her fiancé Clayton some years ago. No human is to know of their existence period or that human will be put to death. If word got out that they existed they, themselves, would be hunted. This is how they have survive all these years.

Unfortunately, Clayton fell in love with Elena when she was human and wanted to marry her. The day he brought her home to meet Jeremy, Clayton was ordered by Jeremy to end all ties with her but instead of doing so he bit her in the hopes that she would survive even though no other woman had ever survived the turn. Somehow she did.

Sadly, Clayton didn't seriously think about the consequences of his actions. Obviously he thought if she was just like him she would stay but NAH, she was pissed (who wouldn't be) and went back to her human life, even though its not easy. Things have not always worked out the way she wanted because the pack keeps getting threatened by mutts who want to take over. When this happens the wolves are called home, some huge castle in the woods where Jeremy and Clayton live, to stop the attacks on the pack forcing Elena and her cousin Logan, who is also trying to live a human life, away from their false reality. So they lie to the people they love in order to get away.

Although Logan still lets his wolf out to run, Elena tries to fight it and winds up in awkward situations. When she's home the feeling she still has for Clayton continue to creep up but she fights that beast as well. Its a deeply twisted, emotional roller coaster of a show and I like it. Even the corny theme music.

If you'd like please feel free to check out Kelley Armstrong's books. I promise you, you wont regret it.

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