Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead

TWD, another amazing episode tonight. So we finally got to see who is matched up with whom. It's an interesting combination of couples and boy are they haggard.

To me, Beth is giving Daryl something to strive for and if it wasn't for her pushing him, he would just exist for now. He has always been introverted but the shock of Hershel's death and the loss of his apocalyptic made family really affected him. Beth's spirited personality is probably what’s keeping him going so thanks Beth.

Tyresse, Mika, Lizzi and the baby, Judith, What a strange combination and if it were not for Carol coming along, I don't think they would have survived, well at least the girls wouldn't have. Tyreese looked so overwhelmed taking care of a baby and two girls that it was almost comical. Now we have to wait and see when Tyreese finds out that Carol killed the woman he loved since Rick never got to explain that to him before the Governor, you know the psycho who killed Hershel, showed up.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob are on the hunt to try and find Glenn, who is still back at the camp. How did that happen? I'm glad though or he would be zombie Glenn. Glenn is the man for plowing through that herd of zombies only to find Tara sitting behind a gate doing nothing! Is he afraid of anything? Like he said, at the end, he may not want her but he needs her especially since he's still ill.

Last weeks episode: Let's not forget Michonne, Rick and Carl. Carl may think he’s all man but he soon realizes that he still needs his daddy. I'm so glad Michonne came to her senses and stopped walking with the dead. She came back to the living and tracked down Rick and Carl. Yay!! Carl, thanks for dumping that can of pudding into the street so Michonne could find it, even if it wasn't intentional. 

I guess we will see how or if everybody ends up at this mystery safe haven and I hope so but it seems like, in the end, no place is safe. Tonight Carol was my MVP. Welcome back!

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