Friday, February 28, 2014

Pretty Little Liars

     Pretty Little Liars (PLL) is so far-fetched and unrealistic that it’s impossible to believe with all the incidences that occur in this one town everyone isn't either dead, in jail or locked up in some psych ward. Yet we continue to watch and LOVE IT! 
     Brief Summary:  PLL is about four teenagers who try to discover what happened to their best friend, Allison  who supposedly died.

I'm still stumped as to why they care since she acted like a royal WITCH with a capital B towards them! She manipulated them, lied to them and was outright rude to them but then again she did help them come out of their shells so I guess all is forgiven. Let's face it, when you’re a teen, girls who seem to have it all together and who appear fearless seem fascinating.

  So basically these four girls, as shown above, are tormented by someone who calls themselves A. They are trying to investigate Allison's murder and this person doesn't want them to for reasons unknown to us. For the past few years they have discovered the secret life, or should I say lives, of Allison who apparently lived as she so rudely pleased but in the end paid a price and that's what they discover. This person, who they thought was Allison at first, has forced them to do terrible things since they won’t stop investigating and also because A is sadistic. We finally know who A is, which has to be more than one individual since this person knows every little thing these four do within a matter of seconds. Not possible unless there is more than one person!

 As unrealistic and far-fetched as this show is, that's exactly why we like it. Who wants to watch reality? We live it. What I love about this show is that the four main characters are such great actresses, they get to wear the trendiest clothes, walk in five inch heels everyday and always have perfectly manicured nails. How? I wish I dressed like that in high school. It’s like a little teenager soap opera who's parents are hardly ever around. Between getting kidnapped, having flings & romances, getting hurt, locked away, continuously getting their lives threatened it’s a wonder they have time for class. Let's not forget the parties, functions, balls and the haunted little town they go to, Ravenswood but I will save that show for next time. Its fun, entertaining and not to be taken seriously. I hope PLL is around for some time to come. 

    There are PLL books so check those out if your heart so desires. 

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