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Betrayal (The Delande Saga) by Gwen Hunter




The first novel in the DeLande Saga. Gwen Hunter's award winning international bestseller. BETRAYAL is set in an exotic, violent world where storms crash in from the Gulf, where crushing vines of wisteria are drenched with pungent lavender, where gators growl by night in brackish waters full of secrets. A suspense-filled tour de force about a woman who defies a threat honored through the generations.


What could I say that could possible give this book justice? This is one of my all time favorite stories. I stumbled upon this book while perusing the fiction section (what else) and could barely put it down long enough to purchase it. I've loaned this book out several times only for the borrower never to return it. I've always had to purchase another book. This is a well written 'love and sacrifice' story through and though! 

Having lived part of my childhood in Mississippi and having gone to college in New Orleans, it helped me relate to this book even more. Gwen did an amazing job in her description of an emotional history with such poise and grace it made for an easy read.

What didn't make for an easy read was the sad story itself. Nicolette Dazincourt is the main character who explains her family history and how her family name is now looked down upon which is still considered important in certain societies, even to this day. Although her family doesn't have the money and status they used to, proper upbringing was a must for her. This allowed Nicollette to meet the man of her dreams, Montgomery, which turned out to be more of a nightmare. 

Gwen delves into the world of Placage *(the social practice of unofficial, heterosexual, interracial, unions in New Orleans, French and Spanish colonies from the 17th to the 19th centuries) which is not always discussed but people seem to be intrigued by it. She does such a wonderful job with character and plot development it makes you long for more. There are many twists and turns and shocking heart-wrenching moments that you cannot help but be held captive. 

Like I said this book is about love and sacrifice but the only sacrificing the reader does is having to put the book down when done. 

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