Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Vampire novel coming soon!

I'm working on the new vampire novel for the upcoming box set with several other authors. I got my edits back from the editor then soon it will yours to grab. The cover and blurb are coming soon.

Just a little insight on Vampires...
Vampires are Immortal supernatural beings that appear human but can warp their features to appear hard and house brilliant glowing eyes, and sharp fangs. The more ancient vampires tend to look more demonic in facial structureThey have exceptional powers such as super strength, super speed, super agility, enhanced vision that includes infrared night vision, a sense of smell, enhanced hearing, taste, and tactile ability. They also have hypnotic, and mind-reading powers, along with some psychic abilities such as premonitions. 

They can sense when other vampires are near and the older ones can read their minds to an extent. They can also form bonds and read minds with other vampires by feeding off each other. Some can acquire the abilities of others after drinking their blood. Some ancient vampires are reputed to have greater psychic powers that include telekinesis which they can use on themselves to allow flight to take place. The longer they love the stronger they become...

That was just a little info on vampires. There is more to come in my upcoming book. I will keep you posted.

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