Thursday, March 8, 2018

I am honored to have been chosen!

The Revealed (Connor Chronicles Book 2)

In the aftermath of betrayal, the San cannot rest in their quest to defend Earth. Connor’s loyalties are questioned, and her actions put to the test. Forced to make harsh decisions, the world around her begins to crumble. Still, they must prepare for what's coming... War.

Forced to live on the foreign planet known for its unyielding cruelty, Willow must confront her own treacherous actions. Condemned to continuous battle in order to survive, she must overcome her weaknesses and accept the inevitable: fight or die.

Meanwhile, Ronin, their malevolent adversary, is on a mission to bring down the San. He loathes Connor, but also can't bring himself to harm her. Neither Connor nor Ronin are willing to accept their destinies, yet compelled by their fates. Will enemies become allies or battle to the death?

"I love the fact that Connor continues to grow from one book to the next. Her experiences, her personality and even the way in which she approaches situations or interactions with her peer. – Amazon Review

"I was drawn in. Pulled in. Sucked in. This rich, decadent world has me wanting more. – Amazon Reviewer

Placements were based on a 100-point criteria to include style, flow, plot structure, readability, and story-telling.

I am honord to have been chosen out of so many and look forward to another year of writing. 

Thank you for stopping by.

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