Wednesday, March 8, 2017

1st Annual Women's History Month Giveaway

Thank you for your interest in the 1st Annual Women's History Month Giveaway. Several wonderful authors are offering complimentary e-copies of their books. 
This giveaway will run from March 6th-17th, so enter today and win FREE books for the new year.
To access the free book(s) of your choice, simply click on the button below to learn more about the author, click on the author's name. You will be taken to the author's website.

There are lots of free books to choose from in celebration of this spectacular event. For this giveaway, my young adult novel, Connor Revealed (Book 2) will be free until March 18th. Check out the blur below. Make sure to grab your copy today! 
As a Bonus: 
Here's a free link to the 1st Chapter of Connor (Book 1). Connor (Book 3) is coming May 2017!
Connor, The Revealed (Book 2)

In the aftermath of betrayal, dust is settling. The San cannot rest as they take more responsibility defending Earth. Meanwhile, Connor must endure immeasurable physical pain as her abilities grow stronger, both through fights and brutal combat training of The San, for they must prepare for what's coming: war.
Connor's loyalties are questioned as her actions are put to the test. She is forced to make harsh decisions against the Elders' disapproval when the world around her crumbles. Ultimately, one decision will seal her fate.

This foreign planet known for its unyielding cruelty is where Willow now resides. Ultimately, she's forced to confront the actions that put her there. Condemned to continuous battle, she has to overcome her once shallow self and accept the inevitable:: fight or die.
Ronin is back, and on a mission no one else knows about. The very one closest to him is Connor, his mortal enemy. Neither is willing to accept their destiny, yet compelled by it. Will enemies become allies, or battle to the death?

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