Saturday, December 10, 2016

The saga continues Madame Lilly, Dead Voices coming Dec 14th

Deep in the heart of Louisiana resides the Evergreen Plantation and on it lives a most heinous malevolence. Voodoo Priestess, Madame Lilly is beckoned to the slave quarters to perform an exorcism on a young girl. It’s been ages since this type of ceremony has been performed and it’s one that should never be practiced again.

Lilly must face horrendous peril in order to survive the path she journeys. She quickly finds out that she is far from the most powerful and that there is a much greater force at play, one that will do anything to rid Madame Lilly.


From solid ground Lilly fell into a sea of blood on which shards of bone floated. Unable to breathe, she had to fight her way up. The problem was, she wasn’t sure which way was up. It was too dark.

Gulping in breaths of gore and bone, she struggled her way through the gloom. When light eventually shone above, she swam with all her might. Inches away under the surface, something wrapped around her ankle to pull her back down. She kicked savagely, but it was useless; the pull was too strong. The creature was dragging her back down. 

Her leg felt something warm and rough, then something squishy wrapped around her leg and sucked on her flesh.

She was entering its mouth.

The realization startled her. She grabbed at shards of bone from the sea of carnage, and felt below for the being. She’d found a long bone and fought savagely for her life. She stabbed it repeatedly until her limb freed.

With gasped haste she swam to the surface. Lilly dragged her body to the shore of fleshy bones; away from the deadly sea. She rolled over, coughing up nothing but a red vomitus of things a person should never ingest.

There she lay, still trying to catch her breath. Her face planted in the ruins, she listened to noises that were not meant to be heard by any living being. Yet here she was. Alone in the dark, she needed to seek out what which had been brought forth onto Earth.

She was in the witch’s world. This enchantress not only could perform necromancy, but could contain souls in her own realm.

Pushing herself upward, she stood barefoot in a long, white undergarment on a bed of bones that stretched for miles before turning to black

Above Lilly the only light around brewed in the sky, but it hardly provided luminescence. Every so often, bursts of flames shot out of the ground, but they did not give warmth to the fifty-degree climate. Something wet reached up, grabbing at her legs. She jumped out of the way and could only see large, round black eyes staring at her. The thing coiled back underground.

As she backed away, she heard a slight whisper in the air. “Lilly.” It was the witch calling to her, reminding her why she was there. When she walked in the direction of the voice, her name was called repeatedly yet the noise appeared to come from various directions. It was the things that resided here.
She stopped to listen to their cries; no, their tales of their deaths. There were a multitude of accounts of being killed on slave ships or on plantations. It was overwhelming and she realized that some beings here had once been innocent, but had turned dark after centuries of enduring this place. They no longer knew a world of normalcy.

But there in the coldness, one voice stood out amongst the rest, telling her to keep walking into the darkness. It was creator of this land, trying to confuse her, trying to keep her wondering. If Lilly died here, she would be trapped here for all eternity.

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