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Madame Lilly, Wicked (Vol 4) is Finally Here! Only $0.99 for a limited time.

It's 1890 in New Orleans, a time of rich white men, sprawling plantations, Voodoo, high class parties and the unspoken Placage. Amidst the thick heat, magic and sorrow, a beautiful Creole woman exists in this cruel world. Although born free, she never knew life without the call of a ‘Master’ – until now.
Blessed with an ancient power, Madame Lily has an agenda that has galvanized her into the deepest reaches of High Society and to the darkness that is swirling with Voodoo.
Elijah is a First Made Protector tasked to guard and cleanse the world of the evils that roam. He spent millennia with only goodness in his heart until cursed – one meant to corrupt his very soul with love, obsession and infatuation… for Madame Lily, a woman that should rightfully be his adversary.
Drawn together by fate and magic, these two forces face off and sparks fly. A love that never should have been is born – a love that may change everything for both of them.

    “Sit,” Lilly ordered the men. No one moved, not one single soul. Lilly placed her palms at the head of the table and leaned over. “I said sit.”
    All chairs simultaneously moved inward, hitting the back of their legs and forcing them to sit. The men fell back, astounded, but silence fell upon the room except for one.
     “I know who you are. I knew your pa, Moreau St. Croix. I was a little younger than he but I remember him well. He was a savvy politician but you are not him,” said Mayor Arcave. His tone was belittling as he focused in on Lilly. He sat at the other end of the table and directly across from her. “I know what you’ve done to some good Christian folks, including Julien’s family. You think by pulling a few parlor tricks that we’re supposed to be afraid of you? I don’t think so, girl.” He stood up again, this time facing Julien. “Because you’re so afraid of a little backwater witch, it gives you just cause to bring her here for us to contend with?”
     “You’re mighty smug, Mayor.” He pointed to the man at his right. “Just because you have the chief here in your pocket does not give you protection from what else is out there. Things you know nothing about.” He stepped in close. “Special things like her.”

     “You’re a fool, Julien,” Mayor Arcave retorted, not taking Julien seriously. “What, she spread her legs and you lost your mind? No woman, not even a skilled colored whore, is good enough for a man to lose his wits. What game are you playing, Julien?”
     Ever since Lily had raised the dead she had started to enjoy the disruption amongst people. Sick as it was, it made her feel powerful. She saw it with fresh eyes. At one time she believed men who argued were men who were in such control they wanted to keep it. As much as part of that was true, she now saw that they argued because they were losing control, and in this case fear made that happen.
      As much as she relished a battle of the minds she also grew bored easily. Lilly slammed her fists on the table. “I said sit.”
     She held up two fingers then lowered them, taking the mayor down with her. He grabbed the arms of the chair to prevent himself from toppling over. The men gasped.
     “That’s right, gentlemen, this little backwater gal came here to talk. Not listen to old, plump men prove their manhood. You can do that with your whores tonight.”
     “Now see here . . .”
     “Shut up,” Lilly commanded. The mouth of the man who spoke was instantly sewed shut. Bits of blood oozed from the corners of his stitched lips. The men closest to her backed away.


To celebrate, Volume 1 will be FREE
8/29th to 9/2nd

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