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Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess Vol 1 Excerpt

Chapter 6

Tears filled Lilly’s eyes as she remembered all that Henry had put her through. She told herself she was helping this silly girl, Dalila the new placee, but truthfully she didn’t care how the girl felt. She was going to make her strong, so strong that no man would ever take from her what she didn’t give freely.
     So she chanted her magic spell, making her sacrifices, offering food to call forth the spirits from the other side—but only the dark spirits, the spirits with no mind to control their wicked ways. She wanted two sprits that could bring on the destruction of mankind, not caring what hell came with them. The rage inside her took hold as it completely enthralled her sensibility.
     She called, she danced, she cried for them to come forth into the two bodies lying before her, their eyes pleading with her to stop, pleading to let them go, pleading to be freed.
     Her body danced to the beat of the drums, the heat prompted beads of sweat to trickle down her back, causing her white dress to contour to her body. She did not care that she was not properly dressed as her bare feet kicked up the dirt beneath her.
      The music played, louder now, as she called them from the place between the spirit and the physical world. “Come forth!” she shouted, holding up the bowl of blood. She felt them before she saw them which caused her heart to race. She drank of the blood and danced until she saw the spirits coming in a slow march.
      The warm wind stirred, causing the earth to swirl around all of them within the circle. They were the dead walking, the ones who had lingered too long on the other side, now mere fragments of the selves they had been when were still alive. They walked slowly but she knew they were hungry for the bodies, the fresh meat unable to get free.

   Dalila screamed and fought harder, revealing to Lilly that she too had the sight, the sight to see the dead. It thrilled Lilly that Dalila could see the spirits, that she was scared. She removed the gag from her mouth. “Please . . . don’t. Why . . . us?” Dalila said, choking on her tears.
     Lilly reached out to Dalila to wipe her face but as she touched her, Lilly instantly knew the essence of her. She was able to see into Dalila’s mind and to know her thoughts.


Bron, her true love, lay next to her, tied by willow tree vines secured by stakes as he kicked and screamed to be freed. Bron had come to rescue her from this place. They had planned on running away together but instead he was about to die because of her. Her screams were begging, asking why this was happening to her, crying that she hadn’t done anything wrong and had been forced to come against her will.
      A woman whom she had never seen before was standing over them, chanting words she’d never heard in real life but only in stories. Supposedly there was a voodoo priestess, a Mambo witch, who practiced in a bad way. She had been warned never to set foot in these parts but today she’d had no choice as she’d been brought by Mr. Nicolas to live here.
       Dalila already hated Mr. Nicolas for two reasons: not only for taking her away from her old life without her consent, but also for the danger she had sensed a very long time ago.


Lilly jumped back, wondering how she could see into that girl’s mind.
     “Please . . . let us go, please,” Dalila begged, fighting the vines as she watched the spirits draw near.
     Swallowing hard, Lilly said, “I’m saving you girl, hush, you don’t know what goes on in that house but don’t worry, you won’t be afraid for too much longer. Soon you won’t fear a thing and after a while you may learn to enjoy the power I give to you. Besides, you didn’t want to come to live here anyway.” Lilly planted a bloody kiss on the girl’s mouth.
     Standing up, Lilly’s body stiffened uncontrollably. There was something wrong. A force was pulling her in. That wasn’t supposed to happen . . . she was supposed to feel in control at all times but she was losing it.
     There was something else here, something she hadn’t invited...


The Saga So Far

Book Four Madame Lilly, Wicked is coming this Summer.
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