Sunday, September 13, 2015

Connor, Revealed (Book 2) coming soon

Two Planets, One Battle.
It’s the biggest struggle for Connor and Willow yet.

While dealing with the aftermath of betrayal, the dust has yet to settle before more supernatural sightings emerge. The San cannot rest as they take on more responsibility defending Earth. Connor must endure immeasurable physical pain as her abilities grow stronger especially through the fights but particularly through The San brutal combat training for they must prepare for what’s coming: War. Connor’s loyalties are questioned as her actions are put to the test. She is forced to make harsh decisions against the Elders disapproval when the world around her crumbles. Ultimately, one decision will seal her fate.

Ronin a formidable opponent under Monlow’s rule is back. He’s on a mission only no one knows what that mission is. The very one closest to him is Connor his mortal enemy. Neither willing to accept their destiny and yet it compels them. Will enemies become allies or do they battle to the death.

This foreign planet known for its unyielding cruelty is where Willow now resides. Ultimately, she’s forced to confront her actions that put her there. Condemned to continuous battle she has to overcome her once shallow self and accept the inevitability: fight or die.

Once Monlow came into view, my jaw dropped. He was one of the scariest entities I could ever have imagined. I felt my skin crawl as a sheet of fear hit me. The power that radiated from him was almost like a dense fog, making each step harder to take. His strength was great. No wonder he never came to Earth, as he would find it impossible to hide.

His skin was almost translucent but on the sides of his face skinny, dark veins pulsated. His eyes were shiny black balls and there was no hair on him: no eyebrows, eyelashes or on his head. Brownish-yellow tips for fingernails extended from his bony fingers as he gripped the arms of his chair.

He wore a long red robe with gold trim that was so long it covered his feet. Every so often the bottom of the robe would move in an unnatural manner, with more fluidity than was usual.

He sat in a huge white and gold chair and all around the walls were decorated red with white borders. Everything was so bright. The closer we walked towards him the more I wanted to stop. What was he? What had he morphed into after taking in so many others’ abilities into his body? Why did he want more?

About twenty feet from him, we were forced to our knees by the mere flicker of his hand. He was telekinetic.

“My son, come sit next to me,” Monlow spoke.

His son, who? Ronin? Yes, it was Ronin who walked up and sat next to him. I had assumed Ronin was human.

“You there, Bostuge, bring me that male human.”
One of the blue guards picked up Mr. Conway and walked him forward.

Mr. Conway stood in front of Monlow; his sewn-shut mouth becoming free with just a thought from Monlow. Mr. Conway made the error of speaking without permission.

“I made a mistake. Please send me back,” he said, unaware of Monlow’s reaction. He kept talking and I wanted to tell him to be quiet but he was so nervous he rambled on about going home.

Monlow’s translucent skin turned dark behind his still, pale face and somehow he grew in size as he spoke. “You dare speak to me!” His voice boomed across the room echoing so loudly it bounced off the walls.

Mr. Conway finally realized what he had done but kept talking, to apologize. Monlow had had enough of his defiance and held up one hand, elevating the poor man and ripping him into two halves from the waist with a simple hand gesture. Blood squirted from his middle across Kahn and mine’s faces as the two parts flew in opposite directions. His body landed with a thud after the snapping sounds his bones made when he was torn apart.

I fell over onto my hands in horror. Mr. Conway lay on the floor not five feet away from us, bleeding out with a surprised expression on his still face.

I wanted to scream but Khan slapped a hand over my mouth, preventing me from making a sound. Monlow’s head jerked in my direction. Khan pulled me back up to my knees as tears flooded my eyes. I held onto his hand tightly for support, wishing this all would end. I shut my eyes, realizing now that Monlow would not be my savior

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