Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free for a limited time: "Loving Nate" by Janice Ross


URBAN FICTION ROMANCE - When the "perfect man" is the "wrong man", heartbreak is inevitable! 

Loving Nate is a story about a young woman who falls in love when she should’ve been standing in love. Leah Daniels meets the perfect man, when she literally runs into Nate (Nathan Moore) on her first day at work. She is swept away and is beyond help. Sadly, Nate knows that Leah is weak for him. He takes advantage of his effect on her, as she allows him to drift in and out of her life. Nate is the type of man that knows how to carry himself, with a confidence level that matches perfection. He is totally irresistible! Leah is easily led. 
After being taken on a roller coaster ride, the author offers alternative endings for reflection sakes – walk away or fight for love. After you’ve given your all to a relationship, do you ever consider the pros and cons of leaving, especially if total heartbreak seems inevitable? That is at the heart of Loving Nate.

Loving Nate is about a woman's struggle with loving a man but having to deal with his flaws. No matter the sex of a person we should have limits as to what we should and shouldn't accept. Then there are times all reasoning goes out the window and no matter how big the signs are, we don't always read them and that is the case with Leah. This story was about the inner struggles of a woman's to find her inner strength...or does she?

When Leah first met Nate he knocked her off her feet so hard she didn't know what hit her. He was handsome, smooth and educated. He was the whole package so how could she let any man who made her feel like a princess go? To some it may be easy but to others, not so much. Love is not always easy but it should never be blind as it is to some. When do we say enough?

There were clues along the way, big clues like her doubts and fears, not wanting answers to questions that needed to be asked, and the loss of one's inner self as an educated, independent woman along this rocky journey. I feel if you want something so desperately then it’s not really yours because if it is yours then there should be no desperation.

The characters were well written and the story was developed and no matter what way I felt about them they touched me. I felt both pity and anger for Leah but there were times I felt as she did. Sadly, I only felt disappointment towards Nate. Only a great writer can make you feel as the characters do. The story was intriguing and riveting, as expected. Janice G Ross writes another story that I could not put down.

* Bonus I like that fact that there were two ending so I could decide for myself and I chose ending number one. I believe in strong women. Great job Janice

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