Monday, April 27, 2015

Madame Lilly, Vol 3 excerpt

The Time of Sanura


On the eve of Sanura’s seventeenth birthday she decided to face her fear. She had not planned on doing so when she woke up that morning but things do not always happened as intended.

Like before, Sanura was bringing in the linen when she took note of the same hidden door that was normally closed. It was cracked open. Ada had warned her to stay clear of the room but she could not help herself. Besides, the doctor was supposed to be out caring for the sick all day.

She placed the basket on the porch, grabbed a lantern and made sure no one was around. After double checking she pulled the door closed after stepping inside. For a split second she hesitated when she heard a clanking noise down below but she had to see the origin of the sound, as well as the room itself.

The further she descended the more the hairs on her body stood on end. It was not just the slight drop in temperature, nor her nose alerting her to the strange smell. It was the unknown. So she inched closer to the bottom, uneasy at the thought of what might be revealed. When she reached the bottom step she was forced to cover her nose. It smelled like urine and another odor she could not quite decipher.

Even with her light, it was still pretty dark. She held up her lantern to get a better look but it was too dim. The room was huge. There were no windows which was not normal for a cellar.

She crossed the room, bumping into a hard object, and nearly dropped her lantern from fear. Pushing away from it, her hand grazed across something sticky. Not wanting to face what it was she just wiped her hand across her clean peach dress. Trying to keep her composure, she moved around the object to go to the other side where she spotted two lanterns. She lit them both before turning around to face the inevitable, the truth.

The room was far worse than she had imagined...

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