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"The One Path” by Larry S. Gerovac Book Tour

About The Book

Title: The One Path
Author: Larry S. Gerovac
Genre: Fantasy
Lucifer asked the Gypsies, “What is the punishment for killing a Dark Warrior?” There was absolute silence. All the Gypsies were in fear for their lives. They did not want to draw the attention of this powerful demon.
Jal, seeing an opportunity for himself yelled, “Life for life.” Lucifer watched as Rayus tried to warn his dad by tugging on his arm.
That evil grin appeared on Lucifer’s face once again as he said, “Jal, was that you?”
Seizing his opportunity he said, “Yes, my Lord Lucifer.”
In this second book of the God Chronicle trilogy, Thomas, God’s Last Prophet, realizes that the only way to beat Lucifer, and prevent Armageddon is by stopping the birth of the Antichrist. In his efforts to find Lucifer, Thomas gets bonked on the head by the Pope using a religious artifact, gets beat up by Gypsies, and almost killed by demons. Eventually, Thomas teams up with a stuttering genius that is possessed by a fallen angel. The unlikely threesome seems to click on all cylinders as they work together and chase Lucifer through Europe. Will collaborating with a fallen angel prove to be a bad choice?

Author Bio

Larry was born and raised in the Midwest. He is a first generation American, U.S. Navy Veteran, ex-Air Traffic Controller, and a retired nuclear worker. He loves science, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His goal is to entertain readers for many years with some truly out of this world stories.


Book Excerpt:
Who are you, Thomas, and what do you want from me?”
Thomas said, “You may find this hard to believe. I still find it hard to believe myself, but I am God’s last prophet.”
The pope looked at Thomas, scrutinizing him closely. Thomas could see that he was looking for a sign or some indication that what he claimed was either true or false.
His Holiness walked up to Thomas, reached into his robes, looked him in the eyes, and said, “Forgive me, Thomas.” He pulled a small ornate bat from under his robe, and he whacked Thomas squarely on top of his head. Thomas fell over and hit the ground like a dropped sack of potatoes.
When Thomas finally regained consciousness, he found himself lying on a very comfortable couch with the pope seated across from him still holding the ornate stick. As Thomas’s eyes began to focus, the pope held up the hand-carved wooden bat and said, “It is a religious relic, given to Saint Peter by Christ.”
Thomas looked at the pope and said, “Your Holiness, you could have just asked me, and I would have told you that I am not a demon.”

The pope eyed Thomas with a new respect as he asked, “Why would you say that, Thomas?”
“I can only assume that you thought that I might be a demon, so you hit me over the head to see if I healed quickly like a demon or slowly like a man. Is that truly a religious relic of power?”
The pope laughed and said, “Saint Peter called it daimon ksilo. I believe the term to be old Greek, and in translation, it would be called a demon stick. Apparently, Jesus had a sense of humor. Peter wrote in his memoirs: ‘When I questioned Jesus on how I could tell if I were talking to a demon or a man, he gave me the ornate stick that I pass down to my successors. My Lord said, “Hit the suspect demon over the head, and if he heals faster than a man, he is a demon.”’ You, Thomas, are obviously a man with information that only popes have possessed in the past.”
Thomas said, “I am just glad you didn’t kill me to see if I disappeared into the nether.”

Guest Post: 

Is It Time To Write Your First Novel?
 We have all heard the words from Ecclesiastes in the bible: To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. We all live busy lives. How many have said the words, “there’s not enough time in the day”.  When I started to write my first book I joined a couple of writers groups. I noticed there were some writers that were not yet published. They were still working on their first story ten years after they started to write. I guess they didn’t realize that it just wasn’t s their time to write yet.

Make no mistake, writing a novel will take up a lot of your time. You have to evaluate your priorities before you start to write that story. I was married, had five boys, a dog, worked a daily job, was subjected to forced overtime, I was finishing my degree, had kids in baseball, basketball, football, track, karate, and a host of other things going on. I wanted to write, but it just wasn’t my time.

Once you finally decide it is your time to write, you have a few more things to do to be successful. If you work, you have to leave the house at a specific time. While at work, you have a designated lunchtime. Work ends at a specific time. You probably see where I’m going with this- a time for everything. Find a time of day that you can put at least an hour or two aside for writing. This time can change seasonally like it does for me, or it may work for you year round.

After listening to problems other writers have complained about, I recommend the next thing you do is to set a goal. Determine how many pages you can write a day. If you’re writing a novella, count on about 40,000 words whereas for a novel, I’d give myself about 90,000 words. A page in a book is about 350 words. Now project that out and set your target date. If you’re like me you will find some days you may write six pages and on other days, you may not want to write at all. On those days do other book related activities like research; create a media platform such as your own web site, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

I have seen too many new writers not set a target date for completing their novel. Something will always compete with your writing time. That’s okay. Priorities can change temporarily. Modify your target date. If you don’t have a target, you won’t push yourself. Books don’t write themselves. In the end, for each book you complete, the next book will get easier and easier to write.

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