Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rendezvous by Perri Forrest


The beginning of the story shows Gabriella heading to the airport where she is about to take off for a flight to Brazil – her second home since childhood. Each year, Gabriella travels to the exotic Paraíso Belo, a resort where wealthy men to go play. These trips are both business and pleasure and where for years, Gabriella indulges in a sexy, secret life…secret, until now, that is. 

The last thing that Gabriella expects when she arrives to Paraíso Belo is to encounter a familiar face from her past. It is a past, she will come to realize, that has played an integral part of her present. 

At the onset, neither is willing to admit that seeing one another after all the time that has passed has an effect on them. But as time goes on, they see that there still exists an undeniable pull that neither is able to fight. With time winding down, they know that soon they will have to part ways and return to their respective lives. Thus time is of the essence. 

Will they allow their hearts to reconnect and take the path of love? Or will they leave the past in the past and live with the memory of one last rendezvous? 


This story is about love, loss and what happens when you don't find closure. 

Gabrielle is an independent woman who believes in living life. She's education, a business owner and well traveled. Besides beautiful. She has just about everything so that's why she plays hard but not with her heart. She is sexually adventurous but keeps it separate from her real life. In her world she is the dominate one, but when she travels to Brazil to meet up with her female companions, she allows herself to be dominated. Only in this last visit, her heart is taken captive when she meets up with an old flame. 

I like how the author makes the story realistic. Yes women are sexually adventurous and travel to other parts of the world to do so that way it does not interfere with their livelihood. This wasn't just a story about sex this was a story about true feelings and what happens when they are not met. We, each, are born with the desire of need and want, so what happens when we don't receive such in the way we expect it? People react differently when our hearts are crushed, some act out, some falter and some rise above the hurt. But do we ever love the same again? 

The author answered questions in the book that I was curious about. She even went as far as making those answers realistic. I feel this was a heartfelt story that will capture the heart of the reader. The characters were likable, well developed and quite intriguing. I would definitely recommend this book.

****/5 Stars

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