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Supernatural TV Show! Twilight Tuesday discussion (5/27/14)

This television drama is about two brothers, Dean and Sam whose father, John, raised them to be hunters of all the monsters in the world that really do exist after his wife, Mary, was murdered by a demon they named "yellow eyes" (no explanation needed). Fast forward to about twenty years, while Dean continued to hunt with his father, Sam went off to college. One night Dean paid Sam a visit asking for his help after their dad went missing during a hunting trip. Eventually, they found him tracking “yellow eyes”, the demon that killed his wife, their mother. Things didn't work out so well for John who died before killing the demon but his sons managed to send him to Hell.

Throughout their journey hunting vampires, witches, croatoans, demons and the list goes on, so many things go wrong. At one point Sam develops visions, Dean makes a deal with a crossroad’s demon to go to Hell in order to bring Sam back after he dies. Then Castiel, an angel, pulls him out of Hell to help try and prevent the breaking of 66 seals which would allow Lucifer to walk the Earth. Needless to say, Lucifer does walk free.

That’s not even a fraction of what this amazing show is about.  There is so much happening and there is no avenue that they won't venture down. There are high and low points between the brothers, who literally die for each other, dealing with the many losses and near escapes.

I like that their personalities are so different. Dean, who is the oldest, is hilarious, obnoxious, extremely sarcastic & a ladies’ man while Sam is more of the rational, geeky book worm, caring brother but it works. They clash, cry, piss each other off and sometimes walk away but never for too long. They live this life because that is all they know and normalcy doesn't work for them which is okay, since they are the good guys.

In any other show these storylines wouldn't work but they make it so believable on Supernatural. I think it has to do with the spin they apply to actual history, which adds a realistic flare. Plus, there is comic relief between the rough times as well as the tears of helplessness which allow the audience to get to know the characters.

This show has lasted because it captures all the elements of family vulnerability when a loved one is hurt or threatened. Aside from the attractive actors and actresses, it touches the fears one may have when they are in a scary situation. What lengths would you go to save a loved one? 

Supernatural has a way of making you want to feel for the characters. The plots are amazing on how they twist and turn them but they are not complete without incredible acting, both of which this show has. I hope Supernatural stays around for another nine years!

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