Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Twilight Tuesday Top Scifi Characters

Last time on Twilight Tuesday Janice & I discussed our top ten male/female Scifi characters who we would want to watch our backs during hard times such as the end of the world, an apocalypse or a blackout. With all the new shows out there it's clear that the end of the world is near (not really but it's a cool Scifi concept) Regardless, throughout the years there have been some wickedly amazing character developments that would be crucial to watch your six during a tragedy. I thought that I would share my list with you and if you have anyone to add, please do! 



1) Selene: Is there even a cooler character? Not possible! She's a vampire who's a death dealer.
2) Michonne: Do I even need to explain?
3) Alice or Violet: I would take either character since she never dies. 
4) Cataleya: Vengeance is lethal especially when you have nothing to lose.
5) Ellen Ripley: She took on the mother of all Aliens and lived to talk about it.
6) Jen Yu: Like Michonne she too can work a sword.
7) Buffy: Yes, I said it and proud of it. She can kick butt!
8) Dr. Amanda Carter (SG1): Is there anything she cannot fix, build or manipulate?
9) Rain (Resident Evil): Anger and bitterness goes far.
10) Sara Connor: Crazy but cool.


1) Daryl Dixon: Once again, do I even need to explain? 
2) Yoda: Little green Jedi that can take on any man, big or small.
3) Darth Vader: Evil Jedi with insane power ruled by his insane mind. 
4) Wolverine: He's all animal with accelerated healing abilities.

5) Predator: Although I'm an Aliens fan, this beast has superior fighting abilities.
6) Dean & Sam Winchester: They fear nothing as they take on everything. 
7) Rambo: One man who fights Aliens alone.
8) Jet Li: Gifted fighting skills.
9) Clint Eastwood: The best gun slinger and line deliverer around.

10) James bond: What's a army without a Narcissist. He too fears nothing.

There you have it so please add to the list and as always thanks for stopping by!

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