Mystery Series

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Death is rampant in the city of Chicago, but what makes this high profile case so special is not the attempted murder of the charming British billionaire Jasper Maxwell, but the circumstances leading up to his lover’s death.

For years, Forensic nurse investigator Amelia Kavanagh has worked for the county of Chicago and this is her first prestigious case. Early on inexplicable evidence is revealed to Amelia, and even at the detriment of her own life, she is determined to figure out what lead Courtney Lane's corpse to her slab in the morgue. Although politics demand that she sign the death certificate, Amelia is compelled to dig deeper. One would say she just might be obsessed.

Detective Chase Bishop is new to Chicago and determined not to rock the boat, especially since the mayor personally assigned him to the recent death of this young woman. Bishop is set on wrapping up the case as soon as possible, but Amelia Kavanagh won’t let him and neither will his conscience. A supposed open and shut has turned into much more.

Little by little it is discovered that Jasper Maxwell is more than he appears to be, but so is Amelia.  

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