Paranormal Fantasy

Blood Thirst; An Eternal Romance

Octavia, a human, appeared into this world with a mysterious past unknown to even her. Victor a cultured man of influential prestige was born a savage vampire. They should have never been but their attraction was so profound neither could deny their love...

“Tell me to stop and I will.” He came to stand in front of her after hearing no more words of resistance cross her lips.
In a split second, he wished he could sire her and take her for his own. He wanted to tell her everything. This world, his world, about vampires, but he could not.
Victor gripped her face within his palms. “I cannot let you go. I will not,” he exhaled, caressing her lips. “But if you want me to, I will leave you be. Forever…”
“This is madness…” Octavia gazed up at him speechless. She tried to resist him, but the words of refute would not flow.
“And I cannot breathe when you are not near. I cannot think when you are not by my side. The last few days have been murderous knowing that I could not have you.” He kissed her, not allowing her to refuse him.
He would never let her go.


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Blood Thirst 2; An Eternal Romance 

Victor pushed back the curls that fell across her face. Then his hands read her figure as if brail. Octavia held her palms up at her sides and braced herself for the wrath that came in the form of this man.
“You are mine to take,” He nuzzled against her ear. She uttered no words of disavowal as he spoke seductively, for he was indeed serious. “If you are my damnation then I say let both heaven and hell come for us for I will never let you go, Octavia. Not even in death.” He kissed her with all the held back emotions imposed upon him when he was not able to touch her.
Victor, once a faithful vampire, must flee America in order to protect his love Octavia, a woman that should have never been. They are being relentlessly hunted by the elite members of the Cabalistis under the direct order of their eldest vampire, Ciprian. Through their world-wind travels, Victor must protect Octavia, even though neither has a clue of what she truly is. Yet in shielding her, Victor’s past resurfaces and with it comes the tainted mindset that gave him the long forgotten title of Barbarian.
“I swear to you that I will never let anyone harm you, Victor. I will die for you,” Octavia promised and with those words, Victor fell to his knees, placed his face on her stomach and held tightly to his soul.
Though Victor will do anything to keep Octavia safe, can he truly trust her? Will Octavia’s creator force her into betraying Victor? Above all, will Victor’s past come back to haunt him?

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