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Madame Lilly; Wicked (Vol 4) Book Tour. To celebrate (Vol. 2) will be free 10/24th to 10/28th

Title: Madame Lilly; Wicked
Genre: Historical Fiction Horror

It's 1890 in New Orleans, a time of rich white men, sprawling plantations, Voodoo, high class parties and the unspoken Placage. Amidst the thick heat, magic and sorrow, a beautiful Creole woman exists in this cruel world. Although born free, she never knew life without the call of a ‘Master’ – until now.

Blessed with an ancient power, Madame Lily has an agenda that has galvanized her into the deepest reaches of High Society and to the darkness that is swirling with Voodoo.

Elijah is a First Made Protector tasked to guard and cleanse the world of the evils that roam. He spent millennia with only goodness in his heart until cursed – one meant to corrupt his very soul with love, obsession and infatuation… for Madame Lily, a woman that should rightfully be his adversary.

Drawn together by fate and magic, these two forces face off and sparks fly. A love that never should have been is born – a love that may change everything for both of them.

1890 New Orleans – Julien Dubois’ mansion

Hearon, on the other hand, made herself known. She walked into the kitchen and saw the looks on the help’s faces. One woman opened her mouth to scream but Hearon moved so swiftly she was in front of the woman before a noise could escape. The woman stifled her cry while her eyes bulged to no end.

Hearon placed a delicate finger on the woman’s full, cracked lips. “Shhh,” she warned. “Not one word.” She whispered so close to her ear, that her lips caressed her lope. She glared at the helpers, making sure no one moved but her. She then carried a tray into the formal dining area and set it next to the rest of the hoard of food.

“. . . of course this is a perfect time to buy up more . . .” Julien lost his wording when he saw Lilly’s companion standing next to one of his business partners. The man was intoxicated by the lovely Creole girl dressed in a plain white dress.

“Julien, why didn’t you tell us that you kept such beauties to serve you in your home?” The man, Francisco Becerra, just so happened to be the appointed head of New Orleans law enforcement. He was admiring Hearon as she offered him a drink. In fact a few of his guests were political figures.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Villain You Love to Hate! Carole Gill

My Favorite Character and the Villain You Love to Hate! His Debut and Free to Read!

Eco won best villain at Efestival of words 2013 and the book he appeared in, The House on Blackstone Moor won best horror. He is the chief protagonist of three books in The Blackstone Vampires series. The fourth book features his good friend, Dracula. He is my favorite character I have ever written about. This story that follows is his debut story! I hope you enjoy it!

The Legacy

A Florentine sky at dusk, streaked with orange fire and me, walking along the Ponte Vecchio feeling lonely and dejected. The city looked magnificent in the 
half light of fading day and approaching night, like a living thing ready for sleep, but perhaps not quite yet. The taverns were full—voices were raised in song 
and chatter and laughter too. I listened and sighed. It is difficult to be apart whenall around me I see life lived.

My existence and I are something else, something apart and yet connected. I have told you enough of my existence so far for you to know that absolute immortality does bring with it sad and often hopeless isolation. When you are fallen angel spawn and condemned to live forever, forever troubles more than it thrills I fear. This was how I felt in the spring of 1502 when I, merely out for an evening stroll, happened to see the most fascinating creature— rushing 
along as though her life depended upon it.

She carried herself with such grace and I found myself following, watching her great billowing gown glide smoothly over the cobblestones as if to bless them. Where would such a grand person rush to? I asked myself. I surmised she was probably late for an appointment. Ever more curious I continued my pursuit. 
Now I do wish to put your mind at ease. I had no wish to harm her in any way, nor did I intend to overpower her in order to drink her blood. Not that I haven’t fallen upon beautiful creatures before to partake of their offerings on occasion.

Blood was to me like a fine wine, sipped but not gulped—savored but never savagely slurped as the vampires drink it. Yes I know I look down upon them, 
but that is the way I am. Back to my story—so there I was wanting to see where she was going and to whom she rushed to see and–what the circumstances could possibly be and so forth. Though I hadn’t yet seen her full face, I could 
see enough to know she was beautiful with her intricately coiffured hair encased in the most delicate of jewelled nets–a beautiful but unnecessary adornment for this Queen of the Night.

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