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Born in pre-Revolutionary France and orphaned as a child, Justine Bodeau is taken in by a family friend who employs her as a seamstress. Eventually, she winds up to work in the court of Queen Marie Antoinette. 

A strong-willed survivor, defeat does not occur to her. When she fights off an attack by an aristocrat and kills him, she is given refuge but is soon betrayed and winds up on the streets of Paris, where she is attacked and killed by rogue vampires. But for whatever reason, love will not let her die. 

Justine goes from wishing to be destroyed to wanting to survive, when she feels passion for the one who brought her back, Gascoyne — the one they call the Vampire Prince of Paris.


I chose the first place I came upon— an abandoned shop, stinking of the sourness of filth and decay. There were rats and mice and heaven knew what else, but other than that, no people to bother me. I would rest. Sleep came quickly— but so did the attack. Something bit the back of my neck. The pain was excruciating. My first thought was, I was being attacked by a dog. I tried to defend myself. That's when I heard the hissing.

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The Innkeeper's Daughter Cover Reveal

Coming March 22nd!

When Sterling Chandler met his wife a few years back, his happiness felt complete – until a mistake came between them and turned their steamy love into a frozen sea of agony. On the brink of divorce, the two decide to take a brief vacation – away from each other. It is a time to evaluate their marriage, and decide if there is anything left to salvage.
Distraught and lonely, Sterling chooses to spend the next five days in a small ski resort town in Colorado, hoping that the cold mountain air, friendly people and daunting slops will help clear his head. Unfortunately, his head quickly gets muddled when Hanna, the Inn Keeper’s stunning daughter, is asked to be his ski instructor. It’s a temptation he didn’t realize he would face and one he really doesn’t need right now… one that is made worse by Hanna’s obvious curiosity and interest.
The next five days will test Sterling in ways he can’t imagine – and make him question everything he thinks he ‘knows’ about his life, and heart. 

I poured a glass of Samaroli rum and grabbed my dossier. I hadn't glanced at it since my arrival. I decided to relax on the deck and kick back on the lounge chair. As I faced the snow-coated mountains, I could not help but take in the magnificence. The scene was majestic, the sky was a midnight black with stars sprinkled about. The fragrance might've been labeled fresh-new country, if at all possible.

The deck was heated but the cool breeze that floated in mingled well, balancing the temperature. Admiring the view, I had to wonder why anyone would ever want to leave this place.
The Caribbean rum had started to take toll on me. I rested my head back and became a fixture in my environment.

There was a knock on the door. My stomach dropped; I knew exactly who it was. I didn’t yell for her to come in; she would anyway. I swiveled my chair around to watch her sashaying in through the moonlit suite.

She wore a simple, black one piece. It fit her impeccably. She didn't wear a bra to support her perky B-cup breasts as they barely bounced with each step. I imagined a thong underneath, barely covering her sacred area. She adorned red, five-inch stilettos with silver tips. Her hair was in a flirty, flyaway bun, looking every bit the runway model. She was stunning.

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Cover reveal coming soon for the steamy romance "The Innkeeper's Daughter"

Curious about my new steamy romance, The Innkeeper's Daughter, about a man's struggle with temptation .

Cover reveal coming soon and book to be released March 22nd.
Until then here is a taste.

"While John and I discussed small talk, I was taken aback when this tall splendor woman stepped out from behind the door. Lightning struck me in my chest and a hot sensation ran up my back so vigorously that I needed to catch my breath.
She was tall, maybe 5’7” or 8” wearing denim jeans and a cream sweater. Her hair hung long, well past her mid back. It was wild, lose and free. Her hair’s dark mane complemented her flawless olive complexion and her eyes were a striking shade of green.
“Hanna, say hello to Mr. Chandler.” He gently but ever so forcibly edged her forward. “Why are you acting shy? You’re never shy? I’m sorry Mr. Chandler, I usually have to stop her, she’s always talking our guests to death. I guess at nineteen you never know what to expect, do you?”
“Hello, sir,” she spoke softly as if words were foreign to her. She focused only on my lips when she spoke while tenderly touching her full pink lips. Once she consumed all that she could of my mouth she then rolled her five karat emerald
eyes over my body one inch at a time. Heat rose in me with such fierceness I had to force myself to regain my composure.
I blinked back my uncharacteristic reaction of loss of speech and found my way back to self-control."

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Alpha Shifters After Dark (Shifter Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) by Anna Lowe

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Alpha Shifters After Dark
Action, passion, danger, and true love: alpha shifters rule the night in this red-hot collection of ***NEW*** stories by your favorite Amazon, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Authors. 
Join us for 12 sizzling stories of seductive shifters ready to battle any foe to claim their fated mates. 
Featuring werewolves, bears, cougars, coyotes, and scorching-hot dragons in never-before-seen stories guaranteed to keep temperatures high and the pages turning. 

Anna Lowe - Cara Wylde - Phoenix Johnson - Lori King - Crystal Dawn - Kiki Howell - Rachael Slate - M. Corchis - Angelica Dawson - Ariana Hawkes - Ann Gimpel - Amber Ella Monroe - Gina Kincade

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A Shade of Vampire (New & Lengthened 2015 Edition) by Bella Forrest

On the evening of Sofia Claremont's seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake. A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood.

She is kidnapped to The Shade, an island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine. An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes here as a slave, a captive in chains.

Sofia's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she is selected out of hundreds of girls to take up residence in the tree-top harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal prince.

Despite his addiction to power and obsessive thirst for her blood, Sofia soon realizes that the safest place on the island is within his quarters, and she must do all within her power to win him over if she is to survive even one more night.

Will she succeed? Or is she destined to the same fate that all other girls have met at the hands of the Novaks?

Scroll up & click the buy button now to find out...

"I challenge you to read this book and not love it." - Get Lost In Fiction ★★★★★

Note: Derek Novak and Sofia Claremont's story completes in Book 7 of the series: A Break of Day, and the characters embark on entirely new adventures from Book 8: A Shade of Novak.

Complete Series


Over 3 million books sold!


Over 13,350 Five-Star Reviews (on Amazon/Goodreads).

"Unique, passionate, thrilling."
- Faerie Tale Books ★★★★★

" utterly enthralling, highly exciting and beautifully sensitive story. Five stars and a standing ovation."
- Books For Tomorrow ★★★★★

Wall Street Journal Best-Seller. Recommended Read on Amazon Overall Top 3 
#1 Best-Seller in Vampire Romance, Paranormal & Fantasy.

Light Runner by Phillip Brown Book Tour

About the Book
Title: Light Runner
Author: Philip Brown
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

When a powerful healing armband—the Jyotisha—falls into the hands of a teenage girl, she’s thrust into a dangerous search for her father, the reasons behind her mother’s mysterious death, and the truth about herself.
Sixteen-year-old Dara Adengard would rather read graphic novels than do her homework and prefers the freedom of skateboarding to the restrictions of life with her military father. Stung by the recent death of her mother, Dara conceals her mom’s picture under a square of grip tape on her skateboard. But no matter how much Dara tries to keep a foothold on the past, she can’t ride away from her own destiny.

One evening, she discovers a silver and gold armlet with mysterious powers in the shadowy water of the swimming pool. Forged from an ancient meteorite metal, it possesses the power to heal or wound. When Dara holds it, it emits a light that seems to have been ignited by a star’s ray. Moments later, she is stunned to find that someone’s broken into her apartment, her father has vanished, and a dead body lies sprawled in the courtyard.

Evading the police, Dara escapes on a perilous quest for her father, begins to uncover her mother’s hidden past, and starts to realize the shocking truth about herself. Accompanied by a stray dog, Dara soars to sudden fame on the wings of a YouTube video that shows her using the Jyotisha to heal the handsome Diego of a gunshot wound. When the video goes viral, a famous TV talk show personality connects with her, and Dara is propelled from homeless runaway to worldwide sensation. 

Author Bio

Philip Brown is the author of the YA contemporary fantasy novel, Light Runner. He previously wrote two astrology books, Cosmic Trends (published by Llewellyn Worldwide Publications and a finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award) and On the Cusp: Astrological Reflections from the Threshold. He also wrote for Dell Horoscope and The Mountain Astrologer. Light Runner, published by Strange Fictions Press (an imprint of Vagabondage Press), is his first novel.
Philip studied to become a Shakespearean actor in London, but a love of books and writing led him to become a high school English teacher.
He received his Master of Arts degree in English from California State University Los Angeles and lives in Southern California. He is a member of the International Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Something darted past the corner of her vision, like the flit of an insect, followed by a soft plop next to her in the water. At first, she thought the sound was her own leg kick breaking the surface. She was breathing hard now, and her arms churned the water behind her head. One hand brushed the end of the pool, and she turned to push off with the good leg. Her shoulders ached, and she swam freestyle again, face down in the water.
She turned her head to breathe in—and that’s when she saw it. Next to her, below the surface of the water, something shimmered. Distorted by the water’s light, it seemed to flutter.
Gold and silver metal sparkled, and blended with the light of the pool. Dara stopped, reached out to grasp it—and felt a vibration, like a faint electric shock. She yanked her hand away, and then stared at what appeared to be a wide bracelet.
It drifted closer, suspended in the water.
Get out of the pool, she thought—it could be electrical, some battery-powered toy. Water plus electricity. Not good.

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The Merchant by V R McCoy a wicked thriller

A mysterious stranger moves to New Orleans during Prohibition and opens a mystical speakeasy called 'The Gates'. 

It's a place where all your dreams and desires may come true; where the supernatural mingle with the living. Saints and sinners, gangsters and G-men alike come to party like there’s no tomorrow. But when the morning comes, all bets are off. You may have the time of your life, or experience your worst nightmares. It’s the dawn of jazz in Crescent City, where laws are left to the interpretation of criminals, crooked politicians and the supernatural. All are welcome here, but there’s one rule to follow: 

“Operor Non Sentio Vel Exsistio Sentio”
Do not judge, or be judged.

The Gates is a neutral establishment, just like the owner; he doesn’t care about the affairs of men, angels or demons. He's waiting patiently for the apocalypse to end his eternity, but is once again faced with an apocalyptic decision. It could be a chance at redemption, but at what price? 

VR McCoy's The Merchant is a supernatural thriller set in Prohibition era New Orleans.

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When Once Upon A Time Isn’t Enough

When Once Upon A Time Isn’t Enough

Happily Ever Alpha - From Twenty-Two NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Authors

What's Inside

Professionally Edited and Formatted.
Limited Edition. Sale Ends Soon!


Fourteen HOT paranormal alpha-male romances and six additional kick-ass paranormal romance tales bundled together in one of the steamiest collections to date!
With twenty-one novels and novellas and over one million seductive words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will leave you Happily Ever Alpha.
These hot heroes and tough as nails heroines will steal your heart and make your beg for more.

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Passion & Suspense

Through the darkness she found true love.

Madame Lilly, The Time of Sanura 
(Vol 3)
After months had passed Sanura finished her work, saying her goodbyes to Camille. Quentin met her upstairs when Thomas was out the back. “Is this goodbye? Are you sure she is well enough? I’m sure keeping an eye on her a bit longer wouldn’t hurt.” There was desperation in his voice as it cracked. He did not care to hide it. She had been in his life for nearly half a year and now she was going to walk away just like nothing mattered. Like they did not matter to each other.

What he didn’t know was that her services had not been needed for months now but she, too, had borrowed time. She thought of him often but knew their time must end. “I’m sorry, Quentin. but there is nothing else for me to do.” She could not face him in saying goodbye.

“Sanura, please.” He backed her into the closest room, his room, not realizing what he was doing, all the while kissing her. They both wanted it, needed it, had to taste each other. They gave into lust, desire, sin, tightly holding each other as if each moment counted. Their kisses were long, slow and passionate as if their souls depended on it. As she grabbed his hair and forced his tongue deeper into her mouth, he pulled her tiny waist closer to feel his excitement.

“I’ve wanted this, Sanura, I’ve wanted you since the first day I met you. God forgive me but I can’t let you go,” he breathed, kissing her ear, her neck, her bosom.

She had come to realize after only the first visit that she, too, longed for more of his touch and months later she could not imagine a world without him. That was why she had prolonged her visits to his wife. She wanted him so badly her body ached for him but she could not. This could never be. She would never force her world upon him. He would never understand.

She pulled away. “We can’t. Goodbye, Quentin.” Sanura held back tears, rushing out the door and passing Thomas coming up the stairs with not so much as a glance. Out the door she went, telling herself not to look back. Sorrow filled her heart for the first time in decades but this time it was out of love, not hatred.

You can find books 1 & 2 here:

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4 full-length Darkest Gothic by Carole Gill

Compilation of all four volumes of The Blackstone Vampires Series. 

After discovering her savagely murdered family, Rose Baines is plunged into a nightmare of hell. She is incarcerated in two madhouses, after which she is helped to obtain a position as governess at Blackstone House. Located on haunted moorland, nothing is as it seems for the House and its inhabitants have hideous secrets. There is unimaginable horror there, and love too--love that comes at a terrible price. 

Eco, first seen in the previous book, has documented all of the sins he has committed during the course of his immortal life. Trying to get Rose to forgive him, he forces Rose to read his journal by holding her children hostage. 

Vampiric orgies and satanic rituals fill the pages of this book. All of the hideous secrets of Blackstone House are revealed. Every evil that Rose Baines was subjected to is closely examined, as are those who committed the worst sins against her. 

After the tragic and sudden death of her groom, Dia, cursed by Dracula as a babe, is taken to his castle. Once there, she is seduced and turned by the count and becomes his fourth bride. The other brides are to be her sisters. All are to love and feed upon one another. Dia’s tale is full of erotic sex and graphic violence. It is a tale of love and lust but mostly of blood, for the blood is everything.

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Tattooed as Trouble by J L Hammer Release Blitz!

About the Book

Title: Tattooed as Trouble
Author: J.L. Hammer
Genre: Romantic Suspense
He would protect her body, but she had to protect her heart.
For Raegan "Rae" Storm, the trouble in her life is as permanent as the tattoo stamped on her shoulder. After witnessing a double murder, she becomes the target of a bloodthirsty mafia and enters the Witness Protection Program in exchange for her testimony. With her life on the line, the last thing she expects is to lose her heart to the mysterious, handsome Quinn Bronson, the U.S. Marshal protecting her.
Driven by honor and his commitment to his job, Bronson rescues Rae from threats time and time again, but fighting off hit men is easier than ignoring his attraction for the one woman he should never desire: the witness. As danger presses in on Bronson and Rae, neither knows whom they can trust, and their forbidden love could be what destroys them.



Barnes and Noble:



Entangled Publishing:

Author Bio
J.L. Hammer is a California girl and enjoys living in her small mountain town with her husband and two children. She loves to write fast-paced novels filled with suspense, romantic tension, and gripping action. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Romance Writers of America.
When she isn't writing or lost in the pages of a good book, she loves traveling, listening to country music, or just enjoying a nice glass of wine. Visit J.L. online to discover her other exciting novels.

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One Second by Dannika Dark

Coming April 5, 2016

Love. Family. Brotherhood.

Lexi has faced personal struggles, but nothing has prepared her for the most perilous battle of her life. Shifters are on the brink of war as Northerners target Colorado in an attempt to infiltrate the borders. Texas winds up on the hit list, and the Weston pack prepares to fight for their land… and for their lives.

Austin’s courage is put to the test when rogues want to seize his land and slaughter his pack. But that’s not all he’s facing as two shocking revelations turn their lives upside down. His love for Lexi is unwavering, but their future is uncertain.

Will the local packs set aside their differences to fight together, or will this be the end of peace among Shifters? Stand witness to the epic conclusion of the Seven series.

Destiny will find you.

This book will be available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play and Kobo. Preorders are limited to iBooks. Audiobook release date will be announced soon. You can check Dannika Dark website for updates.

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The Good Mistress by Amarie Avant (New Release)


Mila Ali’s fiancĂ©, Warren, is killed in a corporate plane crash. Grief wraps around her heart and soul – cushioning her to the outside world and the reality that is now her life. Warren had been many things to her: friend, lover, and even a part-time savior. After spending too many years working too many hours for a large corporation, Mila was able to let go and love Warren, even at the expense of losing her traditional Somalian father’s favor. 

Nothing could have prepared her for such a devastating loss, yet the fragile bubble she has built around her heart is shattered when Mila comes face to face with Blake Baldwin – Billionaire, womanizer, Warren’s boss…. And the owner of that fateful airplane. 

Blake Baldwin is too handsome for words, with a body that could melt hearts and a piercing stare that cut through Mila’s every defense. The encounter seems to ignite a fascination in the enigmatic Billionaire, one that sends him to the beautiful Somalian’s door again and again… 

Mila is not looking for love—been there, done that, but Blake will not rest until Mila Ali is his. He thrusts her into a frenzy of confusion, deception, and passion. Blake just may be the bandage Mila’s wounded heart and neglected body needs, or he could be the biggest heartbreak of all. 


This book started off with a bang. Mila was a strong educated woman who had her life together but her emotions took a hard hit when her fiance died. Then enters Blake, a sexy self made millionaire who had it all, at least he thought he did, until her met her. Mila. From there his motives are questioned as well as his past. His history is dark and so are his associates. This story had a great plot with a steady pace of sex and intrigue. Loved it!


An Alpha's Captive - A Shifter, Paranormal Romance

Now Available It’s been six months since Gerard Brandt lost his brother in a tragic accident. Gerard left home, years ago, after relin...