Monday, August 24, 2015

The Beginning of a Dark Obsession

At last we came to my lodgings. They weren’t bad as lodgings go, but clearly it was not up to her standards. Still, she said nothing. Her lips curved and she began to undress.

When she stood naked before me, I cried out: “You have the beauty of Venus.”

She giggled and drew me to her, her hoarse voice whispering to me. “I want you to taste me. I want you to make love to me with your mouth and your tongue. I am yours for this afternoon and after that, too, if you should like it.”

Oh, Rose, forgive me, for I shall not be too descriptive so as to offend your sensibilities. But truly, this was an experience I would never forget.

She would become my addiction. Yes, Rose—Eve would become a raging fever, an exotic disease I would contract and treasure. I never knew anyone—vampiric or human—like that. Insatiable, her desire knew no bounds, which only intrigued me more!

Sometime later, a wench poked her head in. She apologized but Eve invited her in. Actually, she did more than invite her in; she began to fondle the girl.

“You might as well know now, my love,” she said to me. “I like variety.”

I watched them for the longest time, and then joined in. Our lovemaking went on for hours. It wasn’t until the girl slept that I told Eve I knew what she was.

“You are a creature of the blood as I am.”

She didn’t ask me how I knew. She only smiled. “Let us feast on this girl,” she said. “And then I shall tell you about myself.”

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92 Horror authors you need to read right now'
Carole Gill -- the Blackstone Vampires series
~Charlotte Books EXAMINER
"In the attempt to find the just measure of horror and terror, I came upon the writing of Carole Gill whose work revealed a whole new dimension to me. The figure of the gothic child was there. Stoker's horror was there. Along with the romance! At the heart of her writing one stumbles upon a genuine search for that darkness we lost with the loss of Stoker."
~Dr. Margarita Georgieva ~ Gothic Readings in The Dark

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Connor, Revealed (Book 2) a YA Scifi, fantasy coming soon!!!

The Biggest struggle for Connor yet. 
Planet Ether:

     Once Monlow came into view, my jaw dropped. He was one of the scariest entities I could ever have imagined. I felt my skin crawl as a sheet of fear hit me. The power that radiated from him was almost like a dense fog, making each step harder to take. His strength was great. No wonder he never came to Earth, as he would find it impossible to hide.
     His skin was almost translucent but on the sides of his face skinny, dark veins pulsated. His eyes were shiny, black balls and there was no hair on him: no eyebrows, eyelashes or on his head. Brownish-yellow tips for fingernails extended from his bony fingers as he gripped the arms of his chair.
     He wore a long red robe with gold trim that was so long it covered his feet. Every so often the bottom of the robe would move in an unnatural manner, with more fluidity than was usual.
     He sat in a huge white and gold chair and all around the walls were decorated red with white borders. Everything was so bright. The closer we walked towards him the more I wanted to stop. What was he? What had he morphed into after taking in so many others’ abilities into his body? Why did he want more?

Monday, August 17, 2015

"White Death" by Ted Bell Book Tour

About the Book

Title: White Death
Author: Ted Bell
Genre: Thrillers

Alex Hawke is tracking one of the world’s most powerful villains high in the Swiss Alps. A powerful Swiss banker is found dead, frozen at the base of a soaring Alp. When a second man, the head of a rival banking empire, is found dead deep inside a mountain cave, MI6 suspects a bizarre conspiracy. Vast sums may have been plundered from the Queen of England’s accounts. The British royal family’s centuries-old Swiss bank holdings are at risk, shaking the foundations of Her Majesty’s government and the monarchy itself.  Sir David Trulove, Chief of British Intelligence (MI6) tasks his most formidable weapon, Alex Hawke, with investigating the horrific murders. In Switzerland, Hawke and Ambrose Congreve of Scotland Yard are pulled into a tangled web of international intrigue, deceit, and murder. China and Russia are the prime suspects, and these powerful forces will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.   A mysterious figure known as “The Sorcerer” has long been rumored to reside within an impenetrable fortress inside a mountain complex in the Swiss Alps known as “White Death.” Hawke must scale perilous heights and breach the fortifications at the top of the world…and find the Sorcerer-or die trying.  Includes a sneak preview from Patriot, the exhilarating new Alex Hawke adventure.

Author Bio
Ted Bell, former Writer-in-Residence, Cambridge University, was Chairman of the board and World-Wide Creative Director of Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Hawke, Assasin, Pirate, Spy, Tsar, Warlord and Phantom, along with a series of YA adventure novels.


Book Excerpt
Some climber he’d never know had left him a lifeline. Trying desperately to subdue his mounting panic on the deadliest mountain in the Swiss Alps, Christian was shamelessly grabbing the old rope whenever it was visible, nearly paralyzed with fear. Any slip now would send him plummeting to the bottom of the wall, eight thousand feet of free fall with no chute and no god to save him.
          He went higher, foolishly holding his breath to calm an anxiety he’d never known before. He started thinking that his much vaunted confidence had put him up here. And now that the same cocksure attitude he’d always had about life was going to send him to his death. He could almost feel his confidence, long his mainstay, seeping out through his pores. 
          He went higher, looking for each new shred of frayed rope, literally grasping at straws. 
          The whole spectrum of the face was in atrocious condition, far worse than he’d expected. It was plastered with rime and loaded with unstable snow. He was shit out of luck. There was nowhere left to go—he saw the rope! He lunged for it and that’s when he made the worst mistake of his short life. He made a single misstep. Both of his two ice axes and the crampons on his boots sheared out of the rotten ice at the same moment. 
          He found himself airborne, the wind tearing at his clothes as he hurtled downward.
          They say time slows down just before you die. That you revisit all the important scenes from your life, like a movie. It’s all bullshit. You fall off a mountain top and three seconds later you’re a bug on the windshield of life…

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Release Day Party for Infinity & Always by Elizabeth Kelly


About The Book

22613634Title: Infinity & Always
Author: Elizabeth Kelly
Genre: New Adult Romance

They say… If you love someone to set them free and if it’s meant to be they will come back to you.

What they don’t tell you is… It’s like a knife to the heart to watch them walk away.

After two years of blissful life, Ben Miler’s court case hangs over the head of Bailey Mortenson. Taking her anger and frustration out on all the wrong people can have devastating results.

With a heavy heart Knox Porter has to let his love go. Set her free and hope that she will come back to him. But sometimes hope is not enough.

Sometimes fate intervenes and deals another crushing blow to your heart.

Tearing down the walls and starting the foundation over again.

When Knox finally reveals the truth about himself to his family, he is reminded just how much they have been through together and how much he needs them, especially Bailey. His future is hanging in the balance but will the women he loves stand by his side and come back to him? Or is it time for Knox to put fate into his own hands and take what he wants, once and for all.

Author Bio

Elizabeth Kelly was born and raised in Dublin Ireland. She now resides in southern California.

She is the best-selling author of New Adult contemporary, paranormal, and Fantasy romance novels. By day she stays at home with her daughter but each night she slips away to spin her tales and gets lost in her fantasy worlds.

As an avid reader, Elizabeth enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family or watching movies.

Elizabeth loves to hear from readers and you can contact her on her social media pages.


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“Revenge of the Wolf” by Skyler Patterson Book Tour

About the Book

Title: Revenge of the Wolf
Author: Skyler Patterson
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Horror

REVENGE OF THE WOLF is a story of paranormal romance/ action /horror. This story is set in the early settled New York. A wealthy shape-shifting young man named Justice Sorrowfell falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Angelica Innocenta. When the woman is murdered, Justice goes on a spree of vengeance against all outlaws, in the form of a wolf, and a werewolf. Justice is urged on to continue his revenge by his un-dead fiancé Angelica. This is the first book of a series. This is a tale that gives the message that death is not always the end. This tale shows that true love cannot ever die.—SKYLER PATTERSON

Author Bio
How did I become a writer? 
My story could be a book of itself. I will not lie. I am the “accidental writer”. I have been working in health care for many years. It was when I decided to read books on my way to work that I stumbled upon the possibility of writing. 
How did it happen? 
I take the train to get to my job in N.Y.. I had become bored with reading the daily newspapers It was then that I decided to read a book instead. Mind you, I had not read a book in years! I proceeded to read books by J.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and George M. Martin. I found those books sooo cool! I love fantasy fiction. It was when I became addicted to a certain series; that it happened. I read every book from that series and when I asked the book store clerk when there would  be more the man gave me terrible news. “Ha, that guy puts out a book every five years. “WHAT”? I could not believe that. It was then that I began to wonder what if I (yes me) could write a book myself. This was a joke to me until I came up in minutes with a plot for a fantasy fiction tale. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Two kids, just wanting to spend the night together, got to spend their last night together:

"They came, fed, and ate—terrorized and killed to their own beat. The sound of paper and plaster tearing now as the entire wall opened and thousands of pairs of little winged creatures began to fill the room. It didn’t matter anymore. He would soon be dead. 

He was on his knees when he saw the door burst open. He didn’t think of being rescued. It never crossed his mind. He was beyond that.

Two towering beings stood there.  Man-like but not men. Not unless men were eight feet tall and had scales and wings!

They stood in the doorway, taking in the scene before them. Then they stepped inside. They didn’t speak. They didn’t have to. They had other ways of communication. The vermin watched them. Not as they had watched their victims, but meekly, almost timidly. They fluttered quietly—and stood in groups along the floor waiting.

A high-pitched wail of joy suddenly rose up as the demons pointed at the young man. The boy wasn’t dead yet.


A command to finish the kill. The tiny creatures obeyed.  Scott passed from dying to death in a micro second. A bell rang from downstairs. The demons had to leave.

The vermin, now visible in bright daylight clustered together. They were joyous. Like happy pets they scampered and played with one another. Then they went back into the wall and the paper became whole again as if by magic..."


"There is no doubt that she soars above the endless parade of independent horror authors to shine as a true star in the darkness. With the brilliant anthology House of Horrors she proves why she is a perennial favorite. To put it simply, this is a great assembly of tales anyone would be proud to have in their collection."

~Joshua Skye

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Madame Lilly, The Time if Sanura Excerpt

The basement scene:

On the eve of Sanura’s seventeenth birthday she decided to face her fear. She had not planned on doing so when she woke up that morning but things do not always happened as intended.

Like before, Sanura was bringing in the linen when she took note of the same hidden door that was normally closed. It was cracked open. Ada had warned her to stay clear of the room but she could not help herself. Besides, the doctor was supposed to be out caring for the sick all day.

She placed the basket on the porch, grabbed a lantern and made sure no one was around. After double checking she pulled the door closed after stepping inside. For a split second she hesitated when she heard a clanking noise down below but she had to see the origin of the sound, as well as the room itself.

The further she descended the more the hairs on her body stood on end. It was not just the slight drop in temperature, nor her nose alerting her to the strange smell. It was the unknown. So she inched closer to the bottom, uneasy at the thought of what might be revealed. When she reached the bottom step she was forced to cover her nose. It smelled like urine and another odor she could not quite decipher.

Even with her light, it was still pretty dark. She held up her lantern to get a better look but it was too dim. The room was huge. There were no windows which was not normal for a cellar.

She crossed the room, bumping into a hard object, and nearly dropped her lantern from fear. Pushing away from it, her hand grazed across something sticky. Not wanting to face what it was she just wiped her hand across her clean peach dress. Trying to keep her composure, she moved around the object to go to the other side where she spotted two lanterns. She lit them both before turning around to face the inevitable, the truth.

The room was far worse than she had imagined.

The Madame Lilly Saga

An Alpha's Captive - A Shifter, Paranormal Romance

Now Available It’s been six months since Gerard Brandt lost his brother in a tragic accident. Gerard left home, years ago, after relin...